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IMDB: The Stitchers team and Detective Fisher attempt to pinpoint the source of a dangerous new drug.

If episode two was setting the standard for how this show is going to run, then count me in! Also, for the record, we are certain to be in for a thrill ride full of (plot) twist and turns down a long and winding road. Although I was blown away by this episode as I was with the first, I am now finally able to competently articulate my feelings on what unfolded on my screen to relay it to you the readers, which is a good thing, right? The show has a knack for ending quickly, meaning that the hour time slot for this show is good, but feels as though it's not quick enough. Moreover, the hour flew by, and that is good because you are spending less time caring about, "When will this damn thing be over with?" and more about the show and you get invested in the overhanging arc and the characters but main and supportive bring it home week in and week out. That is the telltale sign of a budding hit TV show.

Now, let's jump right in, shall we? Time to talk about

Episode 2: Friends in Low Places

unKirsten & Camille
unKirsten & Camille

Now, while I love Kirsten's emotionless Vulcan-esque personality due to her bluntness, which I wish was more prevalent in our society, but anyway enough about my personal secret desires, and her intelligence, which Camille has ample of but also her spunk. They work well together, especially if the show-runners are going for polar opposites as a way to keep each other ground, then if so they nailed it. But yeah, I loved how Camille tried to attempt to make amends from the bottle of wine to the homemade lasagna. Clearly, Camille went through a lot of trouble for her. Still she (Camille) should've known that Kirsten wouldn't get it for she isn't like everyone else. Here's a snippet of that witty yet hilarious banter.

Camille: I'm trying to say, I'm sorry.

Kirsten: [clearly confused] This is what sorry looks like?

Camille: Yeah.

There is one thing you have to come to respect about Kirsten, and that is her gung-ho attitude and willingness to just jump right into the next Stitchers case and once committed she'll see it through until the perp is caught and made to pay for his or her crimes. I hope that someone else besides Cameron will figure out how she is able to touch her subjects while being stitched into the memories of the recently deceased. Because this could prove to be not only an interesting plot device to further the narrative of future episodes, but also, could help in better understanding the process and help figure out what happened to ED. After all, that is why she continues to agree to be part of this, "freak show", as she aptly described it.

Of course, they would get called off Ed's case, which I believe was done to keep the series going in light of the fact of the matter being this may prove to be the overhanging arc of Season 1. Furthermore, you can understand how infuriating this made Kirsten feel.

I enjoyed the Rave scenes both within the confines of the Stitching and real time when they went to find the girl who was being protected by Lisa Keller (stitched deceased victim), and her killer, the drug peddling photographer. And I loved it when Camille whipped out her handy-dandy taser and tased the giant brute of a bouncer into night night. The expressions both visual and spoken by Cameron and Linus were priceless. "She's got a taser?" Linus said clearly surprised and taken off-guard by her not only subduing a much larger man but for having a taser in her possession, but they also both (Cameron, Linus) said, "Woof!" in unison.

Then enter Detective Fisher who catches them as they made their egress from the club. He brandishes a taser albeit of higher grade and more professional and cool looking, demanding they got down on the ground face first. Gotta love how he was all professional and nonchalant he was. He didn't show it but I know he got a kick out of it. What shocked me most was next wasn't that Kirsten came clean and without waiting for permission to do so, take him (Fisher) to their secret base and reveal their operation, but it was after little chit chat between him and the creepy former CIA assassin (apparently, discovered from dialogue in the episode) she agrees that not only should her lab rats go into the field, she concluded that it was logical for Kirsten is the only one who can pursue any leads with absolute certainty as she was the only one "stitched in" to memories. Thus, leading to the recruitment of Detective Fisher - whose character I actually find amusing and like. I also believe that him and Kirsten shall play well off each other and she might even like him, not in a romantic way but yeah.

Kirsten gets major props for trying to fight through the drugs Lisa was on, but I would have lost it the moment the creepy monster faces started appearing. At least, before she had to bounce out, Kirsten was able to figure out the truth about Lisa – she hadn't overdosed, but was actually murdered – lovely little twist.

Can we please have more Linus? He was not featured enough on Stichers Season 1 Episode 1, but tonight he was on fire with the one liners and jokes. The banter between Linus and Cameron was exceptionally fun to watch. Who else loved Camille's reaction to meeting Linus at the rave?

Even though Kirsten says she doesn't want to be a part of their team, she needs to trust these people and stop trying to pull one over on them. Cameron, in my opinion, has shown he can be trusted, and I felt terrible for him when Kirsten put him and the team down – at least she made an awkward attempt at apologizing to him.

Kirsten: How do I do this? Say I'm sorry [extends hand] we shake hands?

Cameron: [laughing] Oh! You really don't know how to apologize, do you?

Kirsten: No. It's really not one of my skills.

Permalink: No. It's really not one of my skills.

Who else was shocked to learn Camille has been spying on Kirsten? I truly wasn't expecting her to be a part of the program for the last year, and I now have a better understanding of why Kirsten feels like she can't trust people – even her own roommate was spying on her.

I'm so happy Detective Fisher is officially part of the stitcher program – thanks to some convincing from Maggie. Maggie's right about not being able to keep her team from doing field work, and they need someone in the LAPD on their side who can keep on eye on them and possibly keep them from getting into any trouble.

Hey Fisher! Welcome to the stitchers program.

In the end, Kirsten was stitched into Lisa's memories again and she was able to see what happened – Lisa was force-fed the drugs by the person putting on the rave, Raf. Detective Fisher was able to put together a search warrant and raid Raf's place and save a girl, Denise, in the process. In a depressing turn of events, Ed's mind diminished before Kirsten could be stitched in, and Maggie was able to perfectly sum up the stitcher program to prove to Kirsten, and her team, why they're important.


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