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I'm an equal opportunist hero fan.

What can one say about this movie? After all with all of the hype and money that it's got it must be a cinematic master piece right?? Well....I thought it was a pretty generic film to say the least. Everything in it was pretty cliché. Think of it like one of those puzzles with the numbers where you fill it in with a different color that eventually makes a picture; well that's this movie. I think the most clichéd part of this movie was Howard's character, Claire, as it's something seen in movies hundreds of times. The kids were okay I guess, and Pratt seemed to be the only character that actually appealed to me in this movie. His lines were cheesy, but he tried to the best of his ability. The CGI wasn't terrible or anything either, though I'm not one of those people that over analyzes that kind of thing. So did I like any part of this movie?

Well yeah, I did. With all of it's faults, there were a few things I loved with this movie. The first being, the moment the theme starts playing at the beginning when we're introduced to the whole park. That moment had me almost in tears. It brought out the four year old inside of me and for a split second, I was sitting in my old living room watching Jurassic Park for the first time The second thing was the references to Jurassic Park. They're scattered throughout and I personally didn't think that they were overbearing or anything. I couldn't help but smile at them. Then there's the other thing I loved...which is at the bottom.

Overall, this movie wasn't the overhyped masterpiece they seemed to be marketing. It's a fun popcorn flick to go see and have a good time. If you do see this movie, don't go in there expecting to see a masterpiece. Don't go in there expecting to see Jurassic Park either. That came out a long time ago. Go in there and just have fun. I had a good time. It's not the best movie I ever saw, but it was a pretty awesome movie.

The final battle with the Indominus Rex was worth the price of admission. This whole movie was focused on her, and I sat there wondering if a certain dinosaur was going to actually ever appear. Then when all hope seems lost, Claire runs to a numbered exhibit, and after it opens ,she lights a flare and starts running, Low and behold, the Mother F**** T-Rex shows up. My heart started racing. Then when Indominus looks like she's about to take out T-Rex for good, the last lone raptor shows up and they double team Indominus. They are able to corner it at the ledge of the water exhibit and the Mosasaurus swoops in and eats it! Then the raptor and the T-Rex kinda have an understanding and they part ways. I was so pumped after seeing that!


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