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Now that its old news that Marvel owns Spider-Man again they're going to have a tough time bringing him back in for what will be his third origin story in ten years. The general non-comic public will want something different. I've heard rumours of actors and a movie. Personally, in a my perfect world Andrew Garfield would stay as Peter Parker and they could move into the Marvel Cinematic Universe from there. But, alas, avarice is a strong feeling.

What if it isn't Parker?

I see many fans calling out for a alternate reality Spiderman. To me that just doesn't feel right. I don't have a reason for it, and I'd really love to see it happen, but I just don't see how they'll market it. There's too much backstory going on. The pluses of doing a Spiderman that isn't Peter is that it is new, it is unexpected.

Bring him back in movie format?

There have five Spiderman movies in the past decade. Not a single one has been right. This is hard to explain over a MoviePilot post but there always seemed to be something missing. I never saw Spiderman 2 with Doctor Octopus, so I can't comment on his character, but I feel that the main thing lacking from Spiderman (aside from the obvious Spiderman 3 coolio walk sequence)

are the villains. In every Spiderman movie the villains have been sub-par. The Green Goblin I feel is the biggest disappointment of all. He's been depicted exactly the same in every movie he's been in. THERE IS A REASON HE IS SPIDERMAN'S ARCH-NEMESIS. He killed Gwen Stacy, for Pete's sake (see what I did there Pete-Peter. Never mind). He can be so much more. Osborne is not a simpleton or a lunatic as he's so often depicted. And with three bad guys in Spiderman 3, and The Amazing Spiderman 2, its hard to get the development to make them more solid antagonists. Movies just don't provide the amount of time to do that (unless of course, we're talking about The Hobbit). Both Spiderman's have been (in my opinion) very awesome. I understand how much revenue Spiderman brings in, so without a movie it could really hurt the payback. However, if any studio could pull off a Spiderman reboot movie, I'd trust MARVEL studios, but maybe there's another way.

Peter Parker on the Small Screen

A television series would be the best way to bring back Spidey. He could fit into the Defenders or The Avengers story lines and be the connective tissue between them both. Jessica Jones, and Daredevil have a close relationship with him it'd make more sense to do it this way. I'm not saying to have a Netflix Spiderman show, but any cable company would definitely benefit from this. There is another TV show called Gotham out there. (Watch it right now if you haven't yet). What it did, that I love, is give the villains time. Time to flesh themselves out more, which was my complaint above about the movies. Have a central villain story-arc throughout the series, two other villains story lines farther beneath the surface, and then a villain of the week, a problem for him to face. A TV series could give us time to see supporting characters better as well, Flash Thompson and Jonah Jameson spring to mid, but also Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane. I'm not sure who owns the rights but even a Black Cat appearance could be arranged. I love the idea of a TV series in the style of Gotham for a character like Spiderman. I think it would work much better than a movie reboot, however logistics and money prevent this from happening. The other benefit of a small screen Spiderman is that it could absolutely explore the alternate reality Spidermen, much like Flash is doing.


I'm sure MARVEL knows more than I do about this kind of stuff, but If I were to reboot Spiderman I'd do it in a TV show. There are so many more locations to go to, and more time to delve around in characters of the both the good and bad guys. In a full length TV series or even just 13 episodes (like what they're doing with Daredevil and The Defenders) I feel like Osborne can finally be the villain he should be. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this, and how you think he should be brought back.


Who should be the central antagonist for the reboot?


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