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Madara Uchiha (naruto shippuden)

So Madara is next to impossible to kill in any way. with the Rinnegan eyes he can absorb natural energy, he his a hand to hand master and his susanoo armour is nearly unbreakable. Madara is a battle field genius.

Madara has been resurrected to his full power. Madara has decided to take control of the world with fear using his own hands. with his prowess no one can stand against him.

DANTE (devil may cry).

Just chillin'
Just chillin'

Dante. the son of Sparda is next to immortal and with his quick fire sword fighting and even faster gun control makes him hard to defend. his increased body from his demon blood faster, stronger and snakier than anyone.

the way Dante fights makes him the perfect distraction and his near immortality allows him to hold out for a long time and its kind of hard to ignore him when he mouths off all the time.

Kylar Stern (night angle trilogy)

Master battle technician
Master battle technician

Kylar is the apprentice wetboy of master Durzo blint. he can use Talent to muffle his footsteps, throw his voice and even shroud his physical presence. with a mastery of more that 100 melee weapons and all martial arts. his key to victory is the black ka'kari also known as the devourer it can eat anything even light its self.

being a battle technician Kylar can work out a strategy to work against Madara it starts with letting Dante off his leash.

Dragon born/Dovahkiin ( skyrim)

Son of dragons.
Son of dragons.

The dragon born is a weapons master able to pick up and learn how to use anything, master of spells and an amazing thief. his command of the dragon shouts keep his opponents guessing but its his variable weapon and armour set ups that keep his opponents guessing.

the Dragon born can be a loose cannon but with the help of Kylar they could be a great team.

Baymax (big hero 6)

Are you satisfied with your care?
Are you satisfied with your care?

So the cuddly robot doesn't seem the best fit to fight anyone but his medical scanning systems and super armour make him a team asset. flying, medicine and his cuteness make him the cream of any amazing team.

more of the team mascot type but his bulky body is a great shield and his protective programming would be an asset to Kylar's plan.

So with all his time taken focusing on Dante and being blocked by Baymax Madara's full attention would be held long enough for Kylar to make an opening and Dovakhiin to finish off the vengeful Madara and halt his plans forever.

Separately none of these heroes stand a chance against the near god Madara but as a unit they might just save the world.


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