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In 1997, the world lost a young, bright talent in the entertainment industry, Chris Farley. At just 33-years-old, the comedic actor and Saturday Night Live alum tragically died of a drug overdose. While he lived much of his adult life in the spotlight, there were darker periods that the public was not quite privy to.

In an effort to highlight the good times and the bad that make up the legacy of Chris Farley, director Brent Hodge takes us through Farley's youth and meteoric rise to fame through the eyes of the family, friends, and co-workers who knew him best, in the upcoming documentary I Am Chris Farley.

Earlier today, Buzzfeed released the first trailer for I Am Chris Farley, and this short clip is already an emotional roller coaster. Check it out below:

Comedy all-stars like Adam Sandler, Molly Shannon, Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, David Spade, Christina Applegate, Bob Odenkirk and Lorne Michaels come together in one film to talk about the man who meant so much to each of them. The film will touch on...

What Chris was like as a friend...

He was infections. And he was kind. And he was a puppy dog.

And to the public...

When I walk through Chicago with him..."Oh my god. That's Chris Farley. That's Chris Farley."

But also about how he struggled...

But then there was this other side of him. So his whole life was this constant battle.

Where his life may have taken a turn...

It's a difficult thing to deal with that kind of fame...and if it happens fast, it's almost lethal.

You can't walk around being funny all the time. You have to be yourself sometimes. And you have to be alone sometimes.

And the memories he left behind...

It comes up in something. In my mind. Everyday. And I think it will forever.

There's a category of people that I work with that are infuriatingly talented. As long as they're in this world, I think you always recognize whatever it is when you see it. You're always drawn to that.

So, will it be as emotional as this trailer suggests?

Everybody cries through this, right?

Most definitely.

I Am Chris Farley will be screened in theaters starting July 31, and available on VOD, digital download, and DVD on Aug 11.

(Via: Buzzfeed)


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