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Johnny Biffar

As most of us know, Captain America: Civil War is planned to come out May 6th of next year. When Marvel announced, people became very ecstatic, but at the same time everyone had one question. What are they gonna do about Spiderman, who plays a crucial in the Civil War series. Well after a long series of negotiations, Sony and Marvel teamed up for another Spiderman reboot. After the internet threw out numerous speculations as to who'd it be, it was announced that Tom Holland would be our next Spiderman, and is set to play a much younger Spiderman than Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spiderman series.

Holland's first appearance will be in Civil War, which gives us one problem. He's TOO young.

Significance of Spiderman in Civil War

So if you don't know what Civil War is about it's basically this: The government has required all superheroes to become registered heroes and reveal their secret identities. Some of them are willing to do so, while the rest aren't willing. As a result, it causes both sides of heroes to have a sort of "civil war" to fight for the sides they believe are correct. In this comic series, the biggest reveal is by far Spiderman's when he tells the world that he's Peter Parker. The reason this was so significant was because Spiderman had always tried to keep his secret identity an actual secret the best he could. This is why it's such a big deal when someone as willing to hide their secret identity as Spiderman comes out to reveal themselves to the world.

What's wrong with a young Spidey in the Civil War movie?

Like him or not, this is our Spiderman, and as I said earlier, there's a problem with that. They've made Spiderman TOO young for the current MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The reason Spiderman's secret identity reveal was such a big deal was because he was an older, much more experienced web-slinger who'd been fighting crime and hiding his identity for quite some time. In the Civil War movie, that'll be our first time seeing our young Spidey, and for the most part, he'll be rather inexperienced. You can't introduce him as a young teenager with little experience and just have him reveal who he is the first time he's ever on the big screen when he should be an experienced young adult. Whether you wanted Dylan O'Brian or Asa Butterfield or you're happy with Tom Holland, the point us none of them could pull it off. Marvel's decision to pick a young, inexperienced Spidey has left our favorite web-slinger in an awkward position for the MCU.

With all that in mind, I know Tom Holland has been preparing for a while, and I hope he does the best with the cards he's been. It's hard to pull off one of the world's most famous comic book character, so I hope he does well. Like him or not, he's here to stay and all we can do is hope he can pull it off.


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