ByBaldwin Collins, writer at
Baldwin Collins

I For one support the idea, Actor Michael Dorn seems to be pitching the idea to paramount pictures sometime now. imagine captain worf commanding his own Star fleet ship, I was wondering if Michael's Storyline pitch, takes place after worf's character has done tour of Duty on Captain jon luc Picards ENTERPRISE ? but after nearly finished reading the interview he gave to C B R i notice he was talking about episodes from ' Deep space nine, One titled 'once more unto the Breach' and the other titled ' Soldiers of the Empire'

Which he clearly states they're Klingon stories, I hope his storyline pitch has many human characters in it, Which keeps to the Humanity side of star trek

However Dorn claims he has a script ready, And hoping to convince paramount pictures to shoot a pilot episode, In my opinion i think he's in a much Better position now, because according to him paramount hasn't said no. All star trek trekkie fans should support Michael dorn's idea. What do you think ? is television ready for a stand alone captain worf star trek series ?


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