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A few days ago it was reported by several websites that 'Halloween Returns' would start filming next month. Which of course didn't make sense to many because the film doesn't even have a steady cast yet. And of course that turned out to be false. Now the filming date has been officially stated to be in October instead of July. Which makes complete sense.

There was also a report saying that filming would take place in Louisiana, but that may have been only a rumor as well. Hopefully it wasn't a rumor and filming really does take place in Louisiana, because the fall there would be perfect for a Halloween movie.

This announcement can be looked at as a foot in the right direction for the next Halloween film. Because in some of the sequels we don't really get that Autumn feel the first movie had. So if anything, it's clear the people behind this movie have some sense about how to get their movie to actually feel like it takes place on Halloween.

The story of the next film is only a rumor at the moment. But some reports say it will basically have Michael Myers being on Death Row, escaping execution, and returning to Haddonfield to do what he does best.

The release date for the movie will more than likely be around October of 2016, the same year as the anticipated Friday The 13th reboot, and Leatherface prequel.


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