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As one of the few Jurassic World virgin’s left out there, I’ve done a fairly decent job not reading any spoilers. However, since social media is a mainstay in today’s society there have been a memes and pictures that have caught my eye, thus have me wondering what the heck this movie is actually about.


Here’s what I know:

A big, fancy boat takes the kid from Iron Man 3 to Jurassic Park, the island of genetically enhanced dinosaurs that we learned about in 1993. But for some reason the park is open to the public now and a flock of tourists are excited to see the monstrous creatures that almost ate Alan Grant and his friends back in the day. There are monorails that transport you through the park, similar to Disney World, and a sea dinosaur tank set up on display, identical to the Shamu show at SeaWorld.

Then, of course, the Jurassic Park (World?) scientists create a whole new breed of dinosaur, it gets loose, and it’s up to Chris Pratt to save the day on his motorcycle.

That's what I've gathered from the trailer:

Here’s what I’m expecting:

Everyone goes to this new dinosaur theme park to have a grand ol' time and to see some real-life captivated dinos. The redheaded chick seems to be in charge and proud that they've cooked up a brand new dinosaur! She loves the masterpiece so much, she falls in love with it.

Chris Pratt seems kind of annoyed with this because, well, look at him.

Thankfully, all hell breaks loose and it's up to him to get everyone off of the island.

The kids aren't safe.

And the dynamic duo work together to find them.

Things start to get a little gruesome, and Chris Pratt finds himself surrounded.

But somehow, someway, he becomes the Dinosaur Whisperer.

And maybe the dinosaurs are so genetically enhanced, they learn to ride bikes?

This obviously means that the people and dinos learned to coexist and Jurassic Park becomes a great place to live.

I think I've solved it.


Am I close?


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