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Love movies, Marvel is wowing me at the moment, and i have a lot to say regarding them.

Hi there...

So, I was thinking today... Why is the movie adaptation of civil war happening next year?

Why not some time into the future, still in phase 3, but later.

Stay with me.

Im just going to say there is POTENTIAL SPOILERS about casting and where shows are headding in the next year here. Read at your own curiosity.

SO, If Civil War came later, so many more options would become apparant, Spider-Man for one would be more established, hell, all the characters they have planned would be for the films. On top of that, DareDevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage of The Defenders could be arround by then. Even Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D is going down the Secret Warriors route this year, think about all those characters available for a drop in! You may even get an adition seasn out of them!

Punisher is also slated to come into the Daredevil series, so him too... Not to mention any other small cameos for any other content in the works.

Why is it even a Cap movie? This kind of thing could surely stand on its own.

They could have given cap his own aditional story on top to compensate for the move to a stand a lone ''CIVIL WAR'' title.

Maybe this is an unessesary rant. Im going to love the movie, as im sure you will.

And im purpously leaving this un finnished and without an end so i can hear your thoughts.

I know schedualling of contracts, and several of them are running out now for the actors. But, to me... It seems to damn soon to do the iconic comic.

Regardless. Thank-you for reading.

I know its just a little post and nothing to meaty, but ill post something more meaningful up another day, this is my first post and im tired (its bed time here in the UK).


Oh! Tell me...


Do you think it's too soon for CIVIL WAR?


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