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After watching every saw movie dozens of times, I eventually decided Saw, The final chapter was a perfect way to end an alcohol fuelled five minutes before and a freezing walk home at midnight. I suppose I'm de-sensitised or just sadistic but this saw was possibly one of the less gruesome films within the franchise, I still freaking loved it.

I only gave it an 8.5 though. Here's why:

  • There was not enough gore.
  • The story line may have been confusing.
  • It left me asking more questions than it gave me answers.
  • It felt so different from the other movies.
  • It was exactly the same as the other movies.

You'll like this if:

  • You're into gore.
  • You need a good storyline.
  • You like discovering new things within movies.
  • You enjoy a balance of drama and death.
  • You're into realistic horrors.

Other films like this:

  • Would you rather
  • Stitches
  • Texas Chainsaw

Trigger warning:

  • One hanging scene.
  • Mass shooting.
  • Fires/House fires.


Spoilers ahead.

After setting the scene with a woman being chopped in half at the beginning by her two boyfriends, viewers already knew what to expect, gore. However, this movie centred around tracking down Hoffman (The new Jigsaw after both he and his successor passed.) Which was nice for the viewer as it saw the police walking into more traps than ever before. The movies aim was to round up the franchise, and it did just that.

There's one character, Bobby, who had made a fortune after unveiling his story and sharing his experiences about Jigsaw and the horrors he had to endure. He states that he had to suspend himself by hooks in the air by stabbing the hooks through his pectoral muscles.

People join to talk whilst in another place, a young man is glued to the seat of a car unable to get off without ripping his back skin off. He's a racist, along with the peoples lives at risk if he doesn't reach a leaver in time. One girl lays under the suspended car, one man is attached to the car with chains on his arms and jaw, another stuck to the door of the garage this takes place in. Quick summary, they die.

Bobby is attacked on the way to his car after one of his meetings and when he wakes, he is inside a metal cage. The puppet 'Billy' appears and tells Bobby that he knows that he lied about the story and that he never really was in the 'Game' but now he is, for real, this time is not a hoax. He gets out of the cage and proceeds through a series of rooms where many of his production teams lives are at risk and he's the only one who can save them. Needless to say, he's a failure, they all die. The third and final 'obstacle' is his best friend Cale, This is perhaps the most heart breaking death in the movie. Before this, Bobby learns his wife Joyce is in the 'Game' too. He has to get to her before the time is out or she'll die. Every time he loses a life eg... Cale, the chain wrapped around her neck gets tighter until she dies. He is told changing is 'like pulling teeth' which is then what he has to do to find the code to reach his wife.

A swat team reach the scene but they then fall into a trap and get poisnded by gas.

Finally, to reach his wife, Bobby has to do exactly what he was claiming to do in his new book, 'S.u.r.v.i.v.e' and impale his pectoral muscles and connect two cords in the air. However, he falls to the floor as his chest rips open when time runs out and he watches his wife get engulfed in a flame.

Jill, Jigsaws ex-wife, had gone to the police hoping in protection and she was given it up until Hoffman broke into the police station, shot everyone and took Jill into a room where he put the reverse bear trap (as seen on Saw I) on her where it kills her. Hoffman then returns to his den where he kept all his Jigsaw things before setting it alight.

As he walks out to his car, three figures in pig masks hit him. The same ones that kidnap everyone to go into the 'game'. Doctor Gordon turns out to be the ringleader. Who? Right? The first movie showed two men trapped in a toilet chained to pipes. Doctor Gordon sawed his own leg off and escaped. Plot twist, he began to work with Jigsaw afterwards and became Jigsaw 4.

He takes Hoffman to the bathroom from the first movie and chains him there. It is revealed that after amputating his foot and cauterizing the stump on the hot pipe so that he wouldn't bleed to death, Jigsaw nursed him back to health and rewarded him for winning his game by making him another apprentice. Dr. Gordon was, in fact, Jigsaw's most trusted apprentice, assisting with medical aspects of the traps. Dr. Gordon was also entrusted with Jigsaw's last wish-- to watch over and protect Jill, and if she is murdered, to see that her killer faces justice. Dr. Gordon takes the hacksaw away at the last moment before closing the door, preventing Hoffman from escaping the same way he did, leaving him to die. As he seals Hoffman inside what will become his tomb, Dr. Gordon closes the movie with the famous series tagline: "Game Over."

I did not see that coming.


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