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Money and Popularity

Since its 2011 release date, Skyrim has sold over 20 million copies (ranking in the top 20 games) and earned an estimated 450 million dollars. While the game is still great and fun to play, it's beginning to feel a bit dated. After all, it was released about 4 years ago. With a remastered Skyrim, not only would it breath new life into the game, but it would earn loads of money to help the experience of the next Elder Scrolls game. It would definitely make profit while promoting the next installment at the same time.

The Fans

What fan wouldn't want this. If they have a PS4 or XBOX One, then they would get it. I would get it. My friends would get it. So many would get it. The fans would be pleased and happy. I could be wrong, but I think Bethesda tries to please us fans when they get the chance. Other than The Elder Scrolls: VI and The Elder Scrolls Legends, this would be a great way to do so.

Story and Lore

This is, in my opinion, the best and most important reason. The Elder Scrolls VI can use your save files from Skyrim. This can be important for some minor things but one thing stands out the most. The Civil War. Who one? Was it the Imperials? The Stormcloaks? They cant just scrap this in TES: VI! They can't say "Oh, the Imperials one the Civil War. And if the Stormcloaks one, The Imperials took over again. That would ruin the experience for me and I think many would agree. Wherever the next game takes place, you would here stories of the war, and maybe the Dawnguard storyline as well. This could be very well implemented into the game, and I think it's very important.

How Should They Do It

The main thing is the graphics. It's good in Skyrim, but it can easily be improved. The gameplay mechanics as well, maybe fix some bugs and glitches along the way. That is the common way Remastered games are improved. However, I think they can expand on this a lot. They can not only improve on graphics, mechanics, and smoothness of the game, but include the Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Heartfire DLC. Maybe even add some small things too. Like horse armor, maybe some other small things.


Even though I and many others would love this, I don't think it will happen. They are already working on TES: VI, and have said they aren't adding any more DLC to Skyrim (which could mean they are done with it). I hope Bethesda realizes how successful this would be and how much it could help TES: VI, but sadly I doubt they will. What do you think? Will Bethesda remaster their best selling game? Or will they just skip it and continue on TES: VI? Explain in the comments below!


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