ByBrian Patrow, writer at

The first Insidious was a decent horror film with a couple of jump scares. I have seen a lot of horror films in my time so bravo for Insidious to still make me jump in a movie theater. Of course with the success of the first one there has to be not two but three to make it into a franchise.

So with that been said we get Insidious: Chapter 3. I watched this film alone in a theater and to be honest it is not scary. It has all the horror cliches to make it predictable! The only true breath of fresh air during the film is the return of Elise Rainier played by the great Lin Shaye. However not even she can save this dull movie. Maybe they should of left Insidious alone! Than again I am sure there will be another Insidious. Talk about creepy!!


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