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I'm an Amateur Artist as well as Writer. I posted that I'm a distant cousin of British actor Tom Hiddleston. Well, I'm writing my first book 'The Cogans - Cousins Of The Queen'. In 2008, I started my Family History Research on the origin of my 5x grd father Thomas Coggan. He was born in 1785/86 Epworth, Lincolnshire; England. See my blogs, 'julie Bell my Scottish welsh royal heritage / julie bell chart of tom hiddlestons grt uncle ralph bruce verney' on normal 'google'. Regarding my Artwork - I started in January 1996, before I found out I was pregnant. Then I fell iil, feeling sick. which I thought was a stomach virus, that continued through February. I then had a pregnancy test - turned out positive. My parents already knew before I did. Then when my daughter was 8 weeks old, Nov 1996. I had just recovered from giving birth to our daughter. 8 weeks before, i had gone through a very difficult + painful 24 hour Labour. Nov 1996, i was subjected to Domestic Violence, by my then partner, my daughter's biological father. In March 2001, I started having a problem with my thighs, I couldn't walk properly, on the way down a hill from where we lived in Gilstead, to Bingley Town Centre, to do some shopping. By May the same year, I decided to leave my then partner. Over the years, my illness got very severe, M.E /Chronic Fatigue/Fybromyalgia, Depression + Anxiety, because of 14 years of very stressful situations. I fell on black ice, going to my local mini supermarket, 5 minutes away. I was well prepared due to seeing the weather forecast tbe night before. My already severe weak right arm + hand Feb 2012. Then severe British Conservative government Welfare Cuts. Then my 18 yr old diagnosed with severe Social Anxiety + Depression Nov 2014, she left 6th Form at High School, after 6 months of her first year, then 18 Dec 2014, I had a road accident, leading me to having 2nd nervous breakdown. The road accident now left me with severe Osteo-athritis in the bone / bridge part of my foot. In 2004, I took up Art again, 2007, 2012. Some of my Artwork, is For Sale, on, under 'jcb1679. I'm looking for a Literary Agent, to help me get publishing, tv + film rights, for my first book, 'The Cogans - Cousins Of The Queen'.


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