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Stephen Adamson

Sometimes, things happen when you're on the job - any job - and you have to improvise a little bit. When your job is delivering a weather report, and that thing is Batman coming on camera for no reason, your improvisational skills better be good. Judge for yourself if you think this weather guy handled it well or not. I thought he took it pretty well. He just got a little - justifiably - flustered.

WISH-TV Channel 8 meteorologist Marcus Bailey is our guy here and he's based in Indianapolis, IN.

Things started out, seemingly, pretty normal for him

He's just talking about a little bit of routine flooding. Nothing too out-of-the-norm happening yet

He didn't seem prepared, this is clearly an unexpected appearance from the Dark Knight here

He came with the nervous laughter next...

Then we have the awkward handshake...

And like that, he's gone, never to be seen in Indianapolis or at WISH-TV Channel 8 offices again

Nothing against our boy Marcus here, but this whole interaction was a little bit strange. I can't say I would have handled it much better, though. This is why I love the Internet.



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