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It's tag time again! This time around, we're covering a topic that I rarely talk about: horror. That's right, time for some jump scares and scream queens, with these ten . Enjoy!

1. What's The First Horror Film You Saw?

*Delves deep into the memory bag and pulls out... The Witches Of Eastwick

I've seen this many times now, primarily because of the stellar cast, and while it's incredibly tame by today's standards, it was absolutely terrifying when I was a kid. It may not be particularly gory, but it's got some elements that are still frightening now; mind control (and worse, sexual mind control, which is about as creepy as it gets), the charm of evil, pits of's a subtler scare, and I still love it.

2. Favorite Horror Film

As much comedy as horror, Shaun Of The Dead remains my go-to for gore and giggles. I absolutely adore Simon Pegg, and this zom-rom-com has just the right balance of dry Brit humor, head-smashing fun, and that signature Edgar Wright direction. Even the theme music makes me smile when I hear it - which is an impressive feat for such a blood-soaked movie.

Art by Elisa Helea
Art by Elisa Helea

Extra points for being the first in the Cornetto Trilogy. Amazing movies, every one of them.

3. Favorite Sub-Genre

Closely linked to the last answer, my favorite sub-genre has always been Zombies. It's something about the promise of survival if you are just smart enough, just wily enough to stay one step ahead. Yes, I have an apocalypse plan, and no, I don't really think it's going to happen.. but it's fun to be prepared.

Bonus Confession: I love comic books. I love zombies. I cannot stand The Walking Dead. Sorry guys, but it's just not my thing!

4. Last Horror Film To Scare You

Does dry-heaving disgust coupled with hysterical laughter count as being scared? If so, this has to be Japanese uber-bizarre zombie flick Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead. Easily the most disgusting film I've ever sat through (and no, I didn't lose a bet), Zombie Ass follows a group of teens who stumble upon a town infected by poop-loving parasites. It's horror-anime come to life, complete with tentacles.

An actual subtitle. I kid you not.
An actual subtitle. I kid you not.

It's also completely and utterly horrifying, and will quite possibly scar you for life.

5. Favorite Scream Queen

Milla Jovovitch. Ok, some may argue that she's not a Scream Queen in the traditional sense, but she's a kick-ass actress who is the star of a horror franchise (Resident Evil). Good enough for me.

In fact, one of the reasons that I love her as a Scream Queen is because she breaks the mold. She's not fleeing from a guy with a knife, or stupidly going into the basement (why? WHY?), instead, anything she hunts does the running. Add to that her real-life talents as a musician and fashion designer, and her efforts for charity. Amazing.

6. A New Type Of Horror You Are Into

Not necessarily new, but something a little different (and relatively new to me!) is horror anime. The medium allows for so much in the way of gore, supernatural beings, giant monsters and incredibly long and complex storylines, and I love it. Everything from Deathnote to Blood + to Elfen Lied.

It's not all perfect, though! I'd definitely give High School Of The Dead a miss, and that's coming from a zombie fan.

7. Favorite On-Screen Kill/Death

Hands down, it's the record-breaking lawnmower scene in New Zealand zombie movie Dead Alive. This cult classic still (I believe) holds the record for the most fake blood used in a film, and this scene has a lot to do with that. Facing down an army of the undead, our hero thinks outside of the box and grabs (you guessed it) a lawnmower, before spinning in a slow circle and letting the machine do all the work. Awesome.

Just goes to prove that there is a time and place for gore, and wacky cult horror is definitely it!

8. Favorite Horror Series or Franchise

Evil Dead. It's classic, it's funny, it's got some moments of real terror, and it's as quotable as they come. Army of Darkness is one of my favorite films of all time, and Bruce Campbell sets the bar for epic. Not to mention that it's been made into a musical (with splashzone), comic book series, books and spin-offs.

This. Is. MY. Boomstick!

9. Favorite Horror Director

Alfred Hitchcock. I love classic black and white horror, and Hitchcock remains the master of suspense. Psycho more than earns it's place in the horror hall of fame, and while others may find this answer a little cliche, I prefer to think of it as giving credit to a master of the art of fear.

There's something to his thrillers that just can't be matched by the gore-fests that are popular today.

10. Worst Horror Film You've Seen

As a zombie aficionado, I've seen all kinds of B-movies and indie offerings that truly deserve a good solid headshot, making this last question of the most difficult. If I limit myself to some of the more popular or better-known bad movies, it's got to be VHS2.

This mini-anthology of three, equally terrible, shorts fails on essentially every level. From the almost-scary cult film (that loses the plot entirely when it turns out that the cult is right, and there actually is a big demon-thing to be afraid of) to the overly-cliche zombie campground, there's just nothing new or even particularly scary about any of this. Just. No.

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