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The story is about the origins of the Minions, the little, yellow creatures have always attached themselves to the most ambitious, powerful super villain with one mission - serve them with all their might. But when the masters are killed, the Minions find themselves without a purpose and thus go into a self-imposed exile. After years, the Minions finally return and in the 60's attends a super villain conference where they hope to find a new master - and the first female super villain Scarlett Overkill seems to be the obvious choice.

Who the hell doesn't love those little yellow one eye or two eye minions. They made Despicable Me one and two watchable and stole the show for us. Minions have become a fan favorite and everybody couldn't get enough of them and now they got they very own stand alone movie starring them of course. I was looking forward to this movie, I mean the trailers looked funny and yes the real reason is for Minions. I thought a full feature movie starring them would be a blast to watch as in the Despicable Me movies they are good with they slap stick humor. Now after seeing the movie I'm a bit disappointed of what we got.

The movies animation is stunning as always. Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment never seem to disappoint me when it comes to animation and the little details with the model for the characters or just stuff in the background, they always look great and well made. I bet they animation will still look fantastic in the late future.

The Minions themselves are once again enjoyable to watch. They humor and slap stick are just the same in Despicable Me movies put I got a issue with the slap stick in the movie as the movie is focus on the Minions and they do they normal slap stick humor and it dose get a bit old and kind of stale after a while. In the Despicable Me movies the Minions only have a small screen time when it comes to they slap stick humor and it's funny all the time, but a full feature movie of all that got kind of old to me. It's was the same thing over and over again to the point where it wasn't funny anymore. You may like the slap stick humor for a full feature movie, but for me it got old really quick.

Sandra Bullock as the villain of the movie was decent enough, but nothing really special. It wasn't terrible or anything amazing, it was on the level of okay. Sandra Bullock is a great actress and even when she's in a bad or okay movie she normally dose a great job in the movie and here she did the best she could and I give her that. Not one of her best but it's decent enough to let it pass.

Sandra Bullock as the villain
Sandra Bullock as the villain

This is a good movie for kids and for the whole family. It's cute, it's bright, colorful and enjoyable and I can see why some people may enjoy it. You may think I got a cold heart for giving this movie a rating like this and your right.

Overall this isn't a bad movie and yes you may look at the rating and straight away think it's awful, but really it's not bad but it's nowhere near good. I was looking forward to this movie as I thought this may be this years second best animated movie, but to me it sadly fell flat. But hey, who knows you may like it and yes I do say that a lot but it's true. I get lots of people who have seen my review and gone to see the movie and came back with a different opinion compared to my own. If you disagree with me that's fine, but at the end of the day I'm sticking of what I said.


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