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Superman. One of the original entities from the Detective Comics franchise. Overpowered by all means even with his newer iterations with the god form he is quite literally the worst most overrated superhero in existence. Can he be beat? Uuuuuhhhh... yes. Quite easily with the right team. And I believe I have found such a team.

Of course I admit and openly accept criticism on this team, but of course this is an opinion based thing so... you know.

Batman from the DC franchise Batman

Step One: Know Your Enemy
Step One: Know Your Enemy

Caleb... We all know that Batman and Superman have fought. They're even making a movie about it.

But Batman has a supply of Kryptonite weapons built to take down Superman in case he goes rogue. Kind of the same idea as the Hulkbuster suit for Marvel fans. With Batarangs, and a whole arsenal of other amazing weapons. Batman was an obvious choice for this team.

The disadvantage is that he is flawed and can sometimes get a big head. If Superman played his cards right this caped crusader could be brought down rather quickly. He also has an amazing advantage which is disconnecting his emotions from himself so that he can fight without thinking about the repercussions. The emotions not blocking him and superior arsenal make him a valuable asset to the team.

Goku from the DragonBall Z series

Step Two: Have a God on your side.
Step Two: Have a God on your side.

Goku: possibly one of the strongest characters in any universe ever. With many forms, and even a new form that equivocates even Superman's God form. Goku is one of the greatest allies to have against a hero as O.P. as Superman himself.

Being a Super Saiyan who has died at least three times and brought back each time due to the amazing power of the Seven Dragonballs, Goku certainly knows his way around a fight. Plus the whole interwebs would literally explode if they ever fought outside of the havens that are SuperFight and Epic Rap Battles of History.

Of course just as Batman has disadvantages, so does this hero. Emotionally driven and temper-mental, He could drag the team down by not thinking things through. His strength and near God like powers make him an amazing fighter. Plus he hates having extra people hurt if they are innocent and just bystanders to the action, so if Superman accidentally hurt a bystander... I'll quote the rap battle and say, "There will only be one way that this is gonna end, One more Superman who's never gonna walk again."

Gray Hulk from the MARVEL franchise

Step Three: Add some muscle
Step Three: Add some muscle

What do you get when you cross a Physicist with a Jekyll and Hyde situation? The Incredible Hulk. What happens when you make the Hulk a little smarter? Gray Hulk.

With super strength, decent intellect, and a pretty intimidating demeanor, Gray Hulk is the best in his franchise (in my oh so humble opinon). Also known as Joe FIxit, the Gray Hulk does all the stuff that Bruce Banner does not want to do. Which included becoming a basic tough guy in Los Angeles for a while. His intellect is more with reason and tactics than physics, and even though he does get stronger with the more rage he has it is a lot slower of a burn on the rage because he can use reason. Against Superman his strength is extremely useful.

The disadvantages of this hero are the fact his strength comes with anger, but that is also his biggest advantage.

Doctor Who from the BBC franchise Doctor Who

Step 4: Add some Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff.
Step 4: Add some Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff.

Definitely useful in speaking and talking people down from there anger, but definitely not what I chose him for.

I could have chosen any Doctor really for the use I'm going for.

Even this doctor

You'll see what I mean...
You'll see what I mean...

Time Travel. It's useful for more than you think. While the other three fight, our amazing Doctor Who will be standing back evaluating. Watching constantly seeing how the fight is going.

Caleb... where are you going with this? It seems kinda I don't know... dumb.

I'll tell you something. What if I'm wrong with my choices? I still win. If the other three are killed Doctor Who can fire up the TARDIS and go back in time to tell he team what went wrong and they can fix it before the battle starts and possibly win. They fail again? The Doctor goes back again. Time Travel... the biggest fail safe my team has.

Only disadvantage, The Doctor may be killed, but with two hearts this is significantly harder, and multiple regenerations. He is significantly harder to kill.


This team all has advantages and disadvantages, but Doctor Who as a fail safe is the true key to the teams success.


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