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Superman was one of the very first superheroes ever at the dawn of what we now call superheroes way back in the lat 1930's. He is widely considered by many to be the archetypal "good guy" out of every comic book character, surpassing even the likes of Captain America. Many even consider him to be the single most important and greatest comic book character of all time. There are also a great deal who consider Superman to be one of the more boring characters that there are to offer. Besides all of that, he is with out a doubt one of the most successful entities in pop culture, and DC's flagship Superhero (despite the hoards of fans who would argue that Batman takes that role).

Superman - who can stop him?
Superman - who can stop him?

So, with all of this popularity, there must be something special about him, right?

Right. He is one of the most powerful superheroes ever on the page, that is not argued. What can be argued is whether or not he can be defeated. I, personally, believe that there are several characters, even a few on his own team, who can beat him (on a good day).

So to start, one may ask: "What are his powers, stats, etc.?"

Of course, I came prepared for such an inquiry.

Powers: *note that all of these powers are influenced by our yellow sun

Super Strength- this is widely considered to be Supes' main attribute, and it is. His strength's, today have still not been given a limit. He could easily lift masses greater than 100 tons on a bad day, to give you some perspective of how strong this guy is.

Flight- He can fly. Pretty straight forward powers. To see extensions of his flight abilities, read the super speed description.

Super Speed- Superman has been described before as the "slowest speedster", which may sound like an insult. It's not. Superman has shown his prowess in the world of speed before while racing The Flash (more on that later) and while flying through outer space. To give an idea of how fast he is, I guess one would say that he is faster than the speed of light (which kind've makes the bullet thing seem like a joke)

Intellect- It may not be common knowledge, but Superman is a genius. He is naturally smarter than the average really smart guy as a Kryptonian, and he's an exceptionally smart member of his race, so that should tell you something.Super Optics- Supes has some pretty... dank eyes, to put it in fun terms. He has the ability to see through just about every thing but lead, he can also project powerful laser beams

Other Senses- All of his senses are basically as high as anybody could imagine. There is almost no limit to what he can hear, smell, taste, etc. (although, I'm not sure taste can help him much in any of the upcoming battles)

Breathing Attributes- We all know of his freeze breath (I hope). He also has normal super breath, which gives him the ability to (I'm trying my hardest to avoid the words suck and blow for obvious reasons) inhale and exhale with tremendous force.

Okay, now that I've made it harder for myself to argue that Superman is beatable, I intend to prove to you that he can be beat. Because, you know, I'm either an idiot or a sucker for debate (although, I could quite possibly be a combination of the two).

1.) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern
Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is one of the most popular DC Superheroes around. I have chosen his most popular incarnation (although that may change in the next few years), Hal Jordan, to take on Superman.

Power List (most granted to him by the Green Lantern Ring):

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Energy Blasts
  • Will Powered/Imagination Based Constructs
  • Flight
  • many more...

Winning Scenario:

In this scenario, Hal Jordan is at full potential. The way I see it is that Hal opens up a wormhole (yes, he can do that), and takes the fight into a Red Sun's solar system. This would be an excellent battle strategy on Hal's part, for Red Suns are one of Superman's few weaknesses. This fight would now be in Green Lantern's favor. At this point, Superman would be losing strength, while GL's only disadvantage would be limited battery power, which is something that he has plenty of experience in overcoming. Plus, we are going to assume that Hal started off with a full charge.

I think it's safe to assume that Green Lantern would have startlingly good chances to defeat Superman if he manages to pull of the wormhole transport, and I have faith that he can! What do you guys think?


Could Green Lantern defeat Superman?

2.) Aquaman

Aquaman is one of the most powerful heroes in the DCU. Not many people see his potential, unfortunately. For some reason, Aquaman became the single biggest joke character. They say it's because of his appearance on Justice Friends, but heck, does he really deserve more hate than the Wonder Twins? NO!

Power List:

  • Super Strength (rivals Superman's)
  • Super Speed (however, mostly in water)
  • Super Reflexes and Enhanced Senses
  • Durability (he can trade hits with Supes)
  • Master Combatant (more so than Superman)
  • Ocean Life Telepathy
  • Atlantean Biology (allows him to thrive underwater)
  • many more...

On top of these powers, Aquaman also has access to a special trident. This trident is powerful enough to hurt Darkseid (blinded him). The trident also gives Aquaman the ability to manipulate water and project powerful bolts of energy.

Winning Scenario:

In this scenario, Aquaman is fighting Superman near the ocean. The two fight for a little bit on the surface. They both get a few good hits in. Superman maybe tries to pick up Aquaman to fly him around. This doesn't work. Aquaman uses his mastery of combat and formidable strength to escape and take Superman back down to the ground. The fight can then move to the water. Now, the two are in Aquaman's turf. The fight can still be won by either of them, but Aquaman is in the lead due to his increased speed and reflexive abilities. Now, Aquaman can very quickly take the fight deeper and deeper to the ocean floor. Another advantage Aquaman has gained now that he is in the ocean is the help of marine animals. It's reasonable to assume that Aquaman could call on a couple giant squids, sharks, or whales (who knows?) to help overwhelm Superman. This is when (if not already), Aquaman impales Superman (or blinds him, like he did to Darkseid) with his trident.

The fight could very easily belong to Aquaman if it gets taken into the water. I'm not going to lie that the fight could go either way, but it's entirely possible that Aquaman would defeat Superman under these conditions. But, I also want to know what you think.


Could Aquaman defeat Superman?

3.) Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is one of the least appreciated heroes in comic book history. Despite being an original member of the Justice League and one of the coolest/most powerful heroes that there are, he hasn't become as iconic as his colleagues for some reason. In lieu of his smaller popularity, Martian Manhunter is still capable of some great feats. Even Superman, himself, has expressed an uncertainty on the subject of whether or not he could beat Martian Manhunter.

Power List:

  • Super Strength (also rivaling Superman's)
  • Flight
  • Super Speed (can keep up with the Flash)
  • Telepathy
  • Laser Vision (just as powerful as Superman's)
  • Super Breath (exactly like, if not more powerful, than Superman's)
  • Telekinesis
  • Master Combatant
  • Shape Shifting
  • Healing Factor (basically a green Wolverine)
  • Phasing (he can walk through walls, or make others do so)
  • Invisibilty

Winning Scenario:

There are many winning scenario's. Martian Manhunter would be a truly formidable foe for Superman. However, for the purposes of this article, I will describe a fight in witch Martian Manhunter uses his telepathy and other mind powers to overcome Superman.

In this fight, Martian Manhunter would not need to exert as much physical strength as usual. It has been seen before that J'onn uses his telepathic powers at amazing speeds. With this ability, he could easily mess with Superman's mind: implant him with false memories, create disturbing mirages, etc. J'onn could do all of these things within a matter of seconds, taking away some of Superman's focus at the very start of the fight, and with a distracted Superman comes a less powerful Superman. At this point, Martian Manhunter could use all of his amazing super powers to overwhelm Superman, or possibly even kill him.

This fight would certainly be epic either way it turns out. I very strongly believe that this fight would go in Martian Manhunter's favor at least 5 out of 10 times. What's your take on it?


Could Martian Manhunter defeat Superman?

Martian Manhunter may seem like the most equipped superhero to take on Superman, but it is my firm belief that there is one that suppresses him, even. That hero, the last one on our list is....

4.) Elongated Man

Just kidding.

It's actually...

4.) The Flash

I know what you're thinking. "All he does is run fast." Well, you're right. But that's like saying that all Lex Luthor does is know stuff. It's a gross understatement, and it's a logical fallacy. To immediately write off The Flash because he is only fast is silly. Have you ever thought about what his speed allows him to do? Let me give you examples of things that The Flash can do with his speed:

  • He can perceive things faster than light can move from particle to particle
  • He can phase, just like Martian Manhunter, by vibrating
  • He can time travel
  • He can do this:

Winning Scenario:

I'm gonna cut this one short. Superman and The Flash decide they want to fight. The Flash runs up to Superman. The Flash phases his left hand into Superman's chest, ripping out his heart. He simultaneously phases his right hand into Superman's head, scrambling his brains. This, of course, would be a full potential Flash, but it's incredibly possible that a pissed off Barry Allen or Wally West could effectively end the reign of the world's most beloved Superhero.

What do you think?


Could The Flash defeat Superman?

Thank's for reading, guys! I'll see you next time.


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