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The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around. Let them fight. - Godzilla (2014)

There's something really fulfilling about watching two hours of monsters battling it out among a city of panicked civilians. It's the reason we have movies like King Kong and Godzilla. There's a sense of awe in these monsters that steal our breathe away and leave us with clammy hands.

One monster that's always interested and awe-inspired me is the Kraken. Some versions of the Kraken are pretty weak and not as monstery as the Kraken should be. There's one version of the Kraken that scares the snot out of me, and that's the Kraken from Clash of the Titans.

Introducing the Kraken

Nine hundred and fifty feet tall stands the Kraken. His mouth is full of razor sharp teeth, eager to tear many a sea monster limb from limb. No ship passes him; he rules the sea. Many a sailor perishes at the tentacles of the Kraken. He is King of the ocean. The Kraken destroys cities with ease and dines on flesh as his snack. There's no one who can challenge him. You want to destroy him? You'll need a whole lot more teeth.

Who are these Kraken Killers? Clench up. You're treading dangerous waters.

Kraken Killer 1: Smaug

Smaug is the underdog. He's smaller and weaker than the Kraken. That's exactly where the Kraken would stumble. The Kraken would mistake Smaug for an easy lunch. Smaug is the craftiest, smartest monster to have ever lived. His brains would make up for the lack of brawn. It'd be a thrilling, high-intensity filled monster battle. He'd roast the Kraken, tear the Kraken's tentacles out, and then drag him onto land and finish him off. Imagine if Smaug teamed up with our next three candidates! The Kraken would be a goner for sure!

Kraken Killer 2: Leatherback

Pacific Rim was an impressive movie. The Kaiju alien/monsters were massive and deadly; a threat that was not easily stamped out. I'd pour every ounce of money into seeing the strongest Kaiju (Leatherback) pound the gravy out of the Kraken. It'd be an impressive monster match, one that Leatherback would not win easily. However, like King Kong, if he pushed through the countless injuries, Leatherback would be able to stand on the Kraken's lifeless corpse and beat his own chest in victory!

Kraken Killer 3: King Kong

It'd be a long battle, but in the end King Kong would be King again. With a combined effort from the Kraken's teeth and tentacles, King Kong would end up in pretty bad shape. But as long as King Kong wins, everything's okay. King Kong is a monkey; he's smarter, faster, and stronger than the Kraken. The chances that the Kraken's heart is still beating after this fight are nonexistent. This would be the movie to see; a beat-him-up, monster, destruction, blockbuster!

And obviously...

Kraken Killer 4: Godzilla

Godzilla could practically destroy any monster. Heck, this might even be a breeze for him. He's agile, cunning, and quick in the water. He's also massive, strong, and lethal on land. He's the alpha predator! In fact, it'd be fun to watch the Kraken get the beating he deserves. Godzilla would wail on the Kraken until he was just a mountain of bloody pulp. Kraken, say your prayers, because you're not stepping away from this fight alive.

There you have it. What's your favorite movie monster? What movie monster do you think would defeat the Kraken? Let me know in the comments!


Which movie monster would defeat the Kraken?


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