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In a recent interview, Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake and the infamous cannibal David, had stated "I know they're doing The Last of Us 2 but my character in Last of Us kind of had an untimely demise."

Nolan North
Nolan North

David (Nolan North) is one of the main antagonists in The Las Of Us, and the only character you could really call a bad guy.

in The Last of Us, David is killed after attempting to murder 14 year old Ellie (who is now controlled by the player), when Ellie defends herself by killing David with his own machete.

But North's latest statement hints that he may return to the world of The Last Of Us. This begs the question, could David somehow come back from the dead?

I highly doubt he could come back from the dead in the traditional sense, after all this is a science fiction and not a fantasy. He could, however come back in other ways. The next game could tell the story of two different characters on a similar journey as the one Joel and Ellie went on, and they could also come across David before he dies.

However I think that would be totally pointless and, well, terrible. It would just be the exact same story but with different characters, and I highly doubt that Naughty Dog would find any point in telling the same story but with different characters.

Most likely, he would come back as part of Ellie's subconscious. Ellie's encounter with David, broke her in a way.


It would make sense for her to have flash backs, and nightmares, of that time, and to hear Davids voice in her head. Perhaps David could represent Ellie's dark side in some way.

Or what if we got a prequel about David, and how he became the monster we all know him as.

David to return in TLOU 2 ?
David to return in TLOU 2 ?

This may surprise you, but I would not be totally opposed to a Prequel about David. it would certainly be interesting, way more so than a prequel about Marlene and the fire flies.

We've seen plenty of rebellious uprisings before, Star Wars, Hunger Games, The Terminator, the list goes on and on. But what we haven't seen before, is a game were you play as a freaking cannibal!

Not saying I want this to happen, just that it'd be interesting.

Another possibility is that Nolan could play a totally different character. Voice actors have played different characters in the same game before, Troy Baker plays almost every one in the Batman Arkham games (and like every other video game ever). So Nolan could play someone other than David.

Maybe it'll turn out that Ellie's father is Nathan Drake, I don't know.

Nolan's sense of humor
Nolan's sense of humor

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