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Hello Moviepilot residents and welcome to Battle Arena, where I pit all your favorite characters in a battle to see who is superior to who in the realm of fiction.

Our first fighter today is

Ms Marvel

A former pilot turned Kree/Human Hybrid. Carol Danvers, aka Ms Marvel, is one of the most toughest female superheroes in Marvel. Proving a valuable member of The Avengers, Her experience and devotion gives her the right to bare the word MARVEL in her name.

But lets see what she is capable of


  • Trained hand to Hand combatant- Ms Marvel served time in the military, and therefore was taught the basic essentials of fighting in hand to hand combat. Plus, working with people like Captain America helps out alot as well.
  • Genius Intellect and Tactician- Serving time in the military, Ms Marvel has a strategic mind that allows her to fight in the battlefield exceptionally.
  • Flight- Her Kree genetics give her the ability of flight. She is capable of flying up to 3 times the speed of sound. 3 TIMES. That is incredible.
  • Super Strength- Ms Marvel has super strength that enables her to lift from 50 to 90 tons.
  • Super Speed- Her running and fighting speed proves to be far above that of a normal human, something any normal man could never achieve.
  • Immense Durability- Ms Marvel has durability which allows her to withstand almost anything pretty much. From large explosions to high caliber bullets, nothing of the sort can faze her.
  • Super Agility- Ms Marvel has agility and maneuvering skills that prove far beyond even the finest human athlete.
  • Energy Absorption- Ms Marvel's main ability is to absorb energy and use it to perform any task she desires. She can project energy from her hands for offensive attacks, or she can infuse it with her body to increase her already incredible strength and speed.
  • Binary transformation- If allowed to absorb enough energy, Ms Marvel can transform into a godly being known as Binary. Binary has the strength to lift far over 100 tons with ease, fly over the speed of light, manipulate all forms of energy and radiation, and much, much more. Capable of surviving the deep depths of space unharmed, Binary is an incredible power boost. However, Ms Marvel's time as Binary is limited, but she can retain it if she continuously absorbs energy while as Binary.

Alright, now we know what Ms Marvel is capable of, lets check out her opponent.


Born on the planet Krypton, Kara Zor El, aka Supergirl, was sent to Earth to protect her cousin, Kal El (More famously known as Superman). Upon arriving on Earth years after her cousin, Superman taught her the ways of being a hero, using her incredible abilities to help people.

But what exactly are these abilities?


  • Expert Hand to hand combatant- Supergirl was trained by both, Batman and Wonder Woman, in the ways of hand to hand combat. Now since these 2 are arguably the most skilled fighters in the DC universe, this proves that Supergirl knows how to kick some ass.
  • Flight- Her kryptonian heritage gives her the ability to fly. Her flight speed is incredibly fast, allowing her to easily fly faster than the most fastest fighter jet.
  • Super Strength- Supergirl has strength that compares to that of Superman and is around 100 tons with ease. This, however, definitely isn't her limit.
  • Super Speed- Supergirl also possesses speed that is around Superman's level, which might not be as fast as Superman or The Flash, but is incredibly fast, allowing her to go from place to place at blinding speed.
  • Super Durability- Supergirl has durability which allows her to tank almost anything, except for the known kryptonian weaknesses such as Kryptonite and Magic, but Ms Marvel possesses neither so that won't come into play. She has almost nigh invulnerability.
  • Enhanced Vision- Supergirl can see things at a microscopic level, see things from miles away, or see through walls.
  • Heat Vision- Supergirl can fire laser beams from her eyes which can melt through almost anything. She can control the output of energy and heat in these beams, but these use up more Solar Energy, which we'll talk about soon.
  • Super breath- Supergirl can breathe the force of hurricane like winds, or breath ice to freeze and immobilize an opponent.
  • Solar Energy Absorption- Kryptonians possess the rare ability to absorb yellow solar energy, which gives them their incredible abilities. Now the more solar energy they absorb, the more powerful their abilities become. But if Supergirl is deprived of yellow solar energy, or uses up her current amount, she will become weak and vulnerable, but if she gets extremely close to the sun, her abilities will max out to incredibly powerful levels.

Alright, now we know what these blonde haired superheroes are capable of, lets see who surpasses who in Battle Arena.


(Supergirl is seen flying throughout the streets of Metropolis. She smiles and enjoys the life that she is living. Suddenly, she flies into the air, heading towards the clouds. She closes her eyes and spins around, breathing in the fresh air.)

Voice: Hey, schoolgirl!

(Supergirl looks over, revealing Ms Marvel.)

Ms Marvel: I haven’t seen you around here, who are you?

Supergirl: (Smiles.) I’m Supergirl.

Ms Marvel: You don’t seem all that super to me.

Supergirl: What do you mean?

Ms Marvel: I’ve been told to deal with you and your cousin, because everywhere you guys go, trouble seems to follow.

Supergirl: Which is why we dedicate our time to prevent this trouble from occurring.

Ms Marvel: That’s what they all say.

(Ms Marvel creates an orb of energy in her hand and blasts it at Supergirl, blasting her away. Supergirl looks at Ms Marvel, offended, then in anger.)

Supergirl: I don’t want to fight you.

Ms Marvel: Then turn yourself in and we won’t have to.

Supergirl: I’m not going anywhere.

Ms Marvel: Well then get ready for me to kick your ass.

(Ms Marvel flies at Supergirl, punching her in the face. Ms Marvel continues to punch her over and over again, only for Supergirl to quickly catch one of her punches, then knee her in the chest. Supergirl then punches Ms Marvel in the face with immense force, sending her flying across the sky. Ms Marvel maintains her balance then fires a non stop barrage of energy blasts at Supergirl. Supergirl manages to dodge them all, then flies at Ms Marvel, who puts her hands together and fires a powerful beam of energy, hitting Supergirl dead in the chest. Supergirl is blasted away, but she stops herself and flies at Ms Marvel, uppercutting her. Ms Marvel flies into the sky and Supergirl flies after her. Ms Marvel stops herself and creates a big orb of energy, which she slams down onto Supergirl, blasting her into the ground. Ms Marvel flies after her and quickly punches her straight in the back, sending her flying into the sky. Supergirl stops herself from flying away and flies straight down at Ms Marvel. The 2 trade blows with one another, punching each other at rapid speeds. Supergirl manages to land more blows, and deliver the more powerful blows than Ms Marvel, stunning her. Supergirl then left crosses Ms Marvel, sending her crashing into the ground below them. Supergirl slowly hovers above her and looks down at her.)

Supergirl: The more we fight, the more damage we will cause, so please stop.

Ms Marvel: I’m not stopping until I turn you in, girl.

(Ms Marvel wipes blood off her lip, then flies straight into Supergirl, taking her with her. Supergirl manages to hold Ms Marvel in place, then punch her in the gut and then right hook her, sending her crashing into a parked car. Supergirl then hovers over to Ms Marvel, grabs her by the throat, and looks at her, glowing her eyes red.)

Supergirl: I’ll give you one more chance.

Ms Marvel: I’m not asking for chances.

(Supergirl blasts her laser vision into Ms Marvel’s face with immense force. Ms Marvel, however, absorbs the energy, giving her enough strength to stands up and walks over to Supergirl while absorbing the laser vision. Ms Marvel then emits energy from her hands and claps them together, creating an energy blast that blows Supergirl away into a building.)

Ms Marvel: That was a nice charge.

(Supergirl gets up, only for Ms Marvel to fly at her, grab her, and fly her into the sky, crashing through the building they are in. Ms Marvel then spins around and throws Supergirl into a building, crashing her through it. supergirl lands on her feet, then flies at Ms Marvel. Supergirl throws a left jab while Ms Marvel infuses her left fist with energy and punches Supergirl in the gut. This results in both of them flying away from each other. Ms Marvel stops flying away, then flies at Supergirl. Supergirl spins around at blinding speed and slams both of her fists into Ms Marvel’s face. This sends Ms Marvel flying away across the city, crashing her through multiple buildings. Supergirl flies after Ms Marvel, who stops flying away and fires 2 energy beams at Supergirl. Supergirl flies around the beams and crashes into Ms Marvel, punching her in the gut. Ms Marvel coughs up blood, then slams both of her fists down onto Supergirl’s back, crashing her into the ground. Ms Marvel flies down after her, but Supergirl quickly punches Ms Marvel in the face, crashing her into a car. Supergirl dashes over to Ms Marvel and rapidly punches her over and over with blinding speed and tremendous force. Ms Marvel begins bleeding out of her nose and mouth due to Supergirl’s aggressive offensive attack. Supergirl then stops and breathes.)

Supergirl: Done yet?

Ms Marvel: … Not even close.

(Ms Marvel attempts to throw a punch, but Supergirl kicks her back down like she’s nothing. Supergirl then grabs Ms Marvel and throws her into a building. Ms Marvel lays in the building motionless, but looks over and grabs an electrical outlet. Ms Marvel begins to absorb the electrical energy inside the entire building, powering herself up. Supergirl flies after her, but Ms Marvel has gained the strength, to land a well placed punch in the face, sending Supergirl flying back. Ms Marvel flies at Supergirl and punches her multiple times. Supergirl lands a couple blows, then flies away into the sky. Ms Marvel flies after Supergirl, who quickly turns around, grabs Ms Marvel, and throws her away with immense force. Ms Marvel crashes into a large field, then looks over to see a Nuclear power plant in the distance. Ms Marvel flies after it with all her speed, while Supergirl flies after her. Supergirl catches up to Ms Marvel and punches her into the ground. Ms Marvel gets up and punches Supergirl multiple times, only to get back kicked in the face by Supergirl. Supergirl then dashes over to Ms Marvel and rapidly punches her, only for Ms Marvel to catch one of her fists, then uppercut her. Supergirl uses her freeze breath on Ms Marvel, freezing her, but Ms Marvel breaks through the ice easily and flies at Supergirl, slamming both of her energy infused fists into Supergirl’s gut. Supergirl grabs Ms Marvel and throws her into the Nuclear power plant, crashing her into it and resulting in the Power plant going awry. Supergirl looks in shock as the Power plant is about to blow, only for the resulting explosion to shrink down.)

Supergirl: What the?

(Supergirl uses her telescopic vision to see Ms Marvel absorbing all of the nuclear radiation in the power plant. After absorbing all of the power from the plant, Ms Marvel is transformed into Binary. Supergirl looks in awe, and is then punched into the ground by Binary. Binary begins rapidly punching Supergirl over and over again with immense strength. Binary then grabs Supergirl and flies her into the sky, punching her in the face over and over again at the same time. Supergirl punches Binary in the face, but barely manages to faze her. Binary smiles and punches Supergirl with immense force, sending her flying. Binary emits large amounts of energy from her palms and smacks them into Supergirl’s face, stunning her immensely. Binary then rapidly punches Supergirl over and over again with blinding speed and devastating force, then ending her assault with one uppercut to the gut, sending Supergirl flying into space. Binary flies after Supergirl, who is bleeding out of her mouth and nose. She grabs Supergirl and intends to choke the life out of her, only for Supergirl to punch Binary in the face. Binary laughs, only for Supergirl to kick her back. Supergirl attempts to fly away, but Binary appears in front of her and punches her with enough force that sends her crashing into the moon. Supergirl gets up, but Binary flies into her, crashing her feet down into her gut. Binary proceeds to punch Supergirl over and over again. Supergirl is on the brink of unconsciousness, but looks over at the sun and reaches for it.)

Binary: What’s that going to do?

(Binary laughs and stomps on Supergirl’s hand. Supergirl however, has been absorbing solar energy from the sun this entire time. This results in her getting enough strength to move Binary away from her.)

Binary: Impossible.

(Supergirl quickly punches Binary in the face, knocking her head to the side. Binary smirks and continues to pummel Supergirl. Supergirl however, flies straight towards the sun.)

Binary: Oh no you don’t.

(Binary flies after Supergirl. Binary catches up with Supergirl, but Supergirl proceeds to absorb more solar energy as she gets closer to the sun, increasing her speed. Supergirl’s eyes then glow yellow as she gets extremely close to the sun, and she turns around, flying straight into Binary. Binary grabs Supergirl and absorbs the solar energy out of her, then punches her, sending her flying into the sun. Binary breathes and begins to absorb the solar radiation from the sun to maintain her Binary form, only to get punched in the face by Supergirl, who is emitting solar radiation and is glowing solar energy from her eyes. Supergirl rapidly pounds Binary over and over again. Binary manages to catch one of Supergirl’s punches, and attempts to absorb the solar energy inside her but Supergirl proves too powerful. she uppercuts Binary, sending her flying upwards. Binary then fires an enormous beam of energy, blasting Supergirl away. This allows Binary to fly at Supergirl and punch her repeatedly, over and over again. Supergirl however lands a few punches, and the 2 trade blows. They then punch each other simultaneously, resulting in their fists crashing into each other, creating a shockwave that blows them away. Binary flies towards Earth from the shockwave, and is suddenly crashed into by Supergirl, who flies Binary all the way down into the ocean, crashing Binary into the ocean floor, shattering it. The 2 trade blows under water, with Binary infusing her fists with immense amounts of energy, only for Supergirl to dodge Binary’s attacks and deliver her own. The 2 then fly out of the ocean and look at each other. They prepare to continue their fight, only for Binary to slowly revert back to Ms Marvel.)

Ms Marvel: Oh, shit.

(Supergirl smiles and flies straight into Ms Marvel, punching her in the face with enough force that snaps Ms Marvel’s neck.)

Winner = Supergirl

Reason: Well, sorry Marvel fans, Supergirl takes the win here between these blonde badass female superheroes. While Ms Marvel exceeds Supergirl in strategic planning and tactics, Supergirl was either equal to her, or surpassed her in everything else. Supergirl is definitely more physically powerful than Ms Marvel. Supergirl also is extremely faster, with better reflexes and reaction speeds. Their flight speed might be on par, but this isn't a race to see who can fly faster. Now Ms Marvel’s energy absorption and projection will allow her to hold her own against Supergirl’s physical superiority, and prove Supergirl’s laser vision ineffective. Her Energy absorption, which contributes to her Binary transformation, will allow her to easily subdue Supergirl, but once Supergirl utilizes the sun to her full advantage, she will prove more than a match for Binary. And since Binary is a limited transformation, once Binary reverts back to Ms Marvel, Supergirl will have no problem delivering the final blow.



Thank you guys for reading this, I hope you enjoy these and i'm so happy with the amount of reads I am getting. It motivates me to continue making these and I hope you all enjoy them. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments. Tune in next week to see which psychotic criminal is crazier than the other.


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