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This past weekend, I finally got the chance to see Jurassic World! For the past two weeks, I’ve been hearing from friends that the film isn’t what they were expecting. One of my buddies shrugged an “eh” and left it at that. As Jon Rico from put it, “dinosaurs escape, people get eaten. Same old story but with bigger dinosaurs; fun but fleeting”. J.R Jones from the Chicago Reader has said, “the characters are paper-thin, but that doesn’t matter because their sole purpose is to get chomped.”

In contrast to these two critics, I wanted to see Jurassic World precisely because dinosaurs would escape and chaos would ensue. It’s what I expected from the first Jurassic Park film from 1993 and what I love about the Jurassic series. But what surprised me about this film was how well rounded it was. There were scenes that had me laughing while others had me cowering in my seat. I thought there was great balance of humor and suspense, something that’s really hard to get right. In addition, the funny scenes didn’t take away from the film’s overall tension. It’s this tension that had me so uptight that when the genetically created Indominous Rex popped out of the forest, I gasped and then all my milk duds fell to the floor! Nice one Indominous Rex. YOU GOT ME GOOD!

Chris Pratt’s character, Owen, is what really made the film work for me. He was hilarious yet had the uncanny ability to know when something horrible was about to happen, reminiscent of Dr. Alan Grant in the original Jurassic film. The only shortcoming for me was Nick Robinson’s character Zach who plays the older brother. I understand that the film wanted us to see what a terrible brother he is at first but then how he transforms into a supportive one. But I think his acting felt forced. Also, it was bit awkward when they tried to make him seem like a ladies’ man.


But then there’s the hidden gem of this film. I won’t spoil too much but Jake Johnson's character Lowery had me cracking up in each of the scenes that he was in.


I thought it was a fantastic movie. If you guys haven’t seen Jurassic World yet, you should definitely go see it!


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