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Now the Marvel Universe is a large universe that was set up with the Avengers, and since then it has delivered us some awesome movies. Whether robots try to take over the world or some blue dude throws a temper tantrum in space you know Marvel will deliver on it, and make a great movie. Now after Age of Ultron you might be thinking to yourself that the vast part of the MCU is over. Well fan who has no idea, keep your thinking to yourself because Marvel still has a few movies to deliver on.

These are just some of the awesome blockbusters we will see;

Civil War


The Infinity Wars

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Now at this point you may be wondering, which Avenger is this guy be talking about? Could it be Thor who is facing his mighty twin in phase 3? Sorry guys no. Could it be Iron Man? Sorry guys no. Could it be the Hulk? STOP IT, LET ME JUST TELL YOU! Some People!

It's Captain America a.k.a Steve Rogers!

Yes, our favourite elevator-jumping Avenger must meet his demise in order for the MCU to proceed.

The first reason that Marvel executives have to rule in this decision is because Chris Evans (Actor) simply does not want to continue with the company opting to work on his directing.

The second reason why Marvel executives could go this way is because it would set up the story-line that many fans believe is the next step. Bucky Barnes or the Winter Soldier will take up the Shield as the new Captain America!

Yup, this guy
Yup, this guy

He has multiple movies/appearances left on his contract, and seeing as fans want it, and it remains faithful to the comics there is no reason why after the Infinity Wars when Cap meets his end Bucky decides to dawn the shield.

Also a new Captain America would give the MCU a chance to introduce more awesome villains that Steve never had time for seeing that he was off battling crazed noseless Nazis, demigods, corrupt modern day Nazis, and killer robots. I'm sure if he had more time he would have gotten around to it.

Who are these villains you ask?

Well let's begin.

1) M.O.D.O.K

2) AIM

3) Arnim Zola

So now you may be wondering, how does Steve meet his end? Sorry, guys I know that was a blunt way of putting it. What I mean to say is that how Steve dies will determine the reasons why Bucky decides to dawn the star spangled outfit. That's why Steve should die rather than retire.

Who would kill him? Let's check the list.


Yup the big baddie set for the last Avengers instalment could knock out or rather down Steve. Now Captain America could also sacrifice himself for another Avenger, and that would be a more noble way to go.


Yup, and he could have his own reasons or...

A returning Red Skull could get him to do it!

The most iconic Captain America set to make a return to the MCU by killing his arch rival. Thus setting up Captain America 4 or a rebooted version, which ever way they want to go.

Either way all roads lead to Bucky being Captain America, and Steve Rogers meeting his end in the Infinity Wars.

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