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Dead is very much known for being quite witty and very funny..... He is also known for KILLING THE ENTIRE MARVEL UNIVERSE! Not even the Hulk, Charles Xavier, or Thor could stand a chance. How do you kill an Immortal Maniac? These 4 Guys might have a few tips:


Clark Kent says to Remove all limbs (Including Head) Freeze them and isolate everybody part in diffrent parts of the world


This guy is Just Marvel's Superman. Nuff Said.

Luke Skywalker

Using the Force, Choke Hold, and A Light Saber there is no doubt Skywalker could kill The Merc With The Mouth.

Dr. Manhattan

This God-Like Character could just flick Deadpool with his Thumb and middle finger and send him into a 100 year coma. (I Exaggerated a tad)


Who Could Beat Deadpool?

What Do You Think? Could These Guys Really Kill Mr. Wade Wilson?


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