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Is the domestic box-office king Avatar ready to be replaced?

This past weekend, Jurassic World racked up another $54 million at the domestic box-office, breaking the record for the least days to reach $500 million domestically. More astonishing though is the film's possibility to break the ultimate record (besides #1 worldwide), a record held by Avatar ($760 million) since 2009.

This movie has already conquered dozens of records, including best opening weekend domestically ($208 million) and sits comfortably to date as the highest grossing film of 2015. Although JW seems to be paving it's own path, previous heavy-hitters of hollywood, such as The Avengers could track it's eventually end sum.

Image of Box Office Mojo's showdowns section.
Image of Box Office Mojo's showdowns section.

According to, The Avengers 17-days into its North American box-office run had grossed an unprecedented $457 million. Jurassic World of course out paces The Avengers by nearly 10%, and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

If Jurassic World retains that 10% lead, 2015's summer mega-blockbuster could reach $700 million domestically. The odds are though, Jurassic World will likely end in a range between $680-720 million. This is still an incredible feat, because either way it would knock Titanic down to 3rd domestically.


Do you predict Jurassic World will spell the end of Avatar's lengthy reign?


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