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Gaming one of the Greatest movements of our time. A virtual world created in less than a year or for those who play Minecraft A world created in just seconds. The gaming world is constantly changing some for the good and some for the bad,with this I count the top 3 Disappointing games of the past year.

In 3rd comes One of the most Anticipated games of 2014 Destiny. Ohh Destiny how you let us Down. This game had the most potential coming from the creators that brought us the original Halo trilogy we thought this was going to be the crown jewel of gaming for years to come, but instead we had false promises and Worst of all RNG or Random Generated numbers. In the previous year of this games arrival the trailers had first off promised so many things even a new expierence on consoles that had never been done especially considering this was a 500 Million Dollar Game! In the trailers it promised several worlds worlds like Earth,Moon,Venus,Saturn,Mercury, and Mars. 2 Planets which were taken out of the story for unknown reasons. This Game also promised an amazing open world expierince which was poor compared to Morrowind (the previous Skyrim) from 2002 proved to have a better open world than Destiny. When this game launched it proved to have bugs or weasels which I came to love so dearly. Lastly the games great RNG. I Cant say how many engrams I have opened but let me tell you I have opened legendary's and gotten the same loot 3 times in a row and the drop rates of these engrams seems to be horrible especially those grinding for hours.This may be bad but not as bad as the story.Why Bungie why did you make Grimore cards. The thing Bungie calls grimore cards is there way of slacking off on the story and making Gamer's leave the game to find out about that item or character. This saying leaves it in 3rd place.

In 2nd Comes the game Known as Heroes of the Storm. Ok so this game is in its early stages,but this game proves many thing from its current free to play. This game starts us off with a few characters in the game. Sound familar? Well if you haven't played the most popular MoBa LOL(League of Legends then you should take a close look. As I looked closely between these two games I could not find much but a wanna be. To tell the truth though Im not even a large fan of LOL, but I can even tell that its a wanna be game. To attract attention desperarely they used characters from all there games. The only thing though is that they give you just a few to play and the others you have to unlock. This is ok until they add the freemium or pay to win. To get an edge on the game you can just buy the best characters. The dreaded freemium is back and wants to destroy your wallet! Coming to a conclusion this game is the ugly child of LOL and needs some major facial reconstructing to make it look better.Thus taking second place.

Last but not least of course is TitanFall. This game being one of the most disappointing do to the fact it had no story at all. Let me go in depth since this is so sad. This game showing many new features such as wall running and diverse titan combat, This game look so promising but could not deliver it.TitanFall had so much hype and many people bought this game expecting so much but a week later this game was returned by many gamer's. No story means no Intrest for a lot of Gamer's. Though this game is great for those loving multiplayer it should many disapointing features. The game even made the DLC free because it was doing so poorly. Thus leaving this game in the first Spot.


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