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Let's face it. No matter how much you either hated or loved it, Jurassic World was a beautiful installment to the Jurassic Park film franchise. Since it had been in Development Hell for almost a decade and a half, to see this movie actually make it to the big screen was phenomenal.

Now let's get down to the reasons why some might have hated the movie.

For the Haters

Some may not have liked Jurassic World because I mean its the 4th film in the franchise. Hell Halloween had like 18 and now its gonna add one more. Some may say it will never compare to the original, which honestly it won't.

Comparing Jurassic World with Jurassic Park is like comparing a 2015 Mustang with the 1969 Mustang.Yes the 2015 is awesome, has a better interior and is a beautiful piece of art no doubt, yet the 1969 will always have your heart.

Some say that the accuracy in the film is off because Owen's gun shoots more times than it should, or that Raptors could never be tamed, even stating the Indominus Rex could scientifically never be created. All those facts are true, but you didn't come to see scientific accuracy or common sense, you came to see a movie about people creating dinosaurs for the love of God. Every movie has some mistakes in it, and this one has a few no doubt about it, but you can't say you didn't enjoy the movie.

And if you didn't enjoy the movie well you can join this member of iGen security.

Why would you stay there in the first place?
Why would you stay there in the first place?

For the Lovers

There are many reasons you may have loved this movie, from the references to the previous films, to the nostalgia of re-opening the park.

First off let's see all of the references we can make. We see all of the memoirs left and made in memory of John Hammond. We see the old station of the park, the old jeeps, the original banner, hell we even get a glimpse of the original T-Rex. Yes the one that fights the Indominus at the end of the film, he's from the first Jurassic Park. How? Well when he goes to the top of the control center we can still see the scratches left by the Raptors in the original Jurassic Park. One character that does return though is B.D Wong's Dr. Wu. He is still the same old scientist just recreating dinos, but with just a little touch of grey on the sides.

Then there is the brief shot of Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) on the cover of a book Lowery has on his desk. The constant reminders of how John Hammond wanted the park to be, the old night vision goggles used in the original, and even the Original Jurassic Park shirt, courtesy of Lowrey's purchases on eBay. We even get to see the original fence where Tim got electrocuted off in Jurassic Park.

Besides all of those we also get to see great chemistry between every single character that steps onto the screen, from Claire and Owen, to Owen and Blue. We see actual interaction with the dinosaurs aside from everyone screaming and running away from them. We also get to see new dinosaurs besides the Indominous, like baby Triceratops or even my new favorite, the Mosasaurus.

One more thing that might have convinced you that this movie was completely awesome was the final fight. Instead of the situations where the Humans have to fight the Dinosaur, we see the impressive fight between the Newcomer Indominus vs. the Veteran Tyrannosaurus. Dino vs. Dino, monster vs. monster, an old school fight that warmed the hearts of anybody who grew up watching Godzilla, or Power Rangers.

And above all of the action witnessed, we still get a Happy ending. Not only for the Humans, but for the Dinos as well. We see the bond between Owen and Claire get stronger, so much that in the end they actually stay together! On another good note, no kids died or were eaten. Seriously injured yes, but not dead. Some people were met with a grisly demise, either being dragged away by a Raptor, or being lunch for the Indominus Rex but people were going to get eaten anyway. C'mon it's a Jurassic Park sequel, someone has to get eaten by a dino.

What did you think of the installment? Did you love it DId you hate it? Let me know in the comments below.


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