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So It would take a pretty bad ass team to be able to take down the Grim Reaper of Castle Vania once and FOR ALL! Till the next one :D

My team would consist of!!!!!

Solid Snake from The MGS series. He is no stranger to all things from out of this world. 'Including a Vampire' And has battled with death time and time again. Plus his strategic CQC and Knowledge of all things combat dare I say PAR with Batman

Next would be Dante From Devil May Cry because "First I whip it out, then I thrust it, with great force. Every angle, it penetrates. Until, with great strength, I ram it in. In the end, we're all satisfied."

3rd I would go with my main man Leonidas of the Brave 300! For any many willing to be able to look in THe FACE OF DeATH and say TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!! Can certainly and undeniably go toe to toe with the Grim Reaper Himself. His sheer will and knowledge of combat and undenied blood lust will keep him going till the very end.

Number four. Would have to be some one who was able to tap into the minds and stop the control of Deaths..... Dare I say? CONTROL!? also Maybe have a GOD? "LOA"Who he can ask for a plethora of favors from? Let's say help his allies from Deaths control????? I am speaking of BROTHER VOODOO! His abilities will some what be able to match that of Deaths. Plus everybody kept saying Doctor fkin Strage! Come on guys there is other people on his level ya know?!

Next and certainly not last, is someone who has the sheer strength and extensive knowledge in battle and fighting. His pride alone is enough to carry this entire team until the very end. Someone who at one time and may not be anymore was able to kill on the drop of a dime, but when the time calls for it he would do the same. No matter the obstacles or challenges in his face he always overcomes them. After each fight and after each death he comes back more and more stronger every time. I am talking about The one and only Prince of All Saiyans. Prince Vegeta. Unlike Kakarot "who may be stronger in his own right" Vegeta Is not afraid kill. AT ALL. And will not give any second thoughts "Frieza" towards it.

A team of Gods And Mortals all together. A Team Of Battle worn soilders of Pride, Destiny, lost cause, Ego, and Glory. All to take down that which can not be Killed... DEATH.


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