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I like most fans of superheroes and anime know that Goku is one of the strongest beings in existence. We have seen him face numerous opponents from planet destroying villains, to literal gods in their respective universe. The long lasting debate has always been, who could beat Goku in a fight? There has been much debate over this and it is now my turn to give you my piece. I present to you, 4 people who could beat Goku in a fight!

4. Superman

Starting off my list is the Man of Steel. You know this is a high powered list if the first one on it is the Last Son of Krypton himself. Superman would win in a fight against Goku due to his immense strength and healing factor. Goku, although strong and having a high level of invulnerability is still susceptible to attacks from someone who is at a comparable power level to himself. Superman is known to be extremely powerful while on Earth, as well as being able to survive the extremest forms of violence such as a nuclear explosion, the vacuum of space, or the heat of a star. I think this level of strength and invulnerability would ultimately overpower Goku in an admittedly amazing fight. It would be a harsh and long battle, but the Man of Steel would eventually be able to beat Goku.

3. Plastic Man

Plastic Man is one of the most unique and powerful beings in all of the DC universe. Batman even describes him as one of the most powerful heroes and that he’s glad to have him on their side. Plastic Man, like Superman is invulnerable and limitlessly strong. He can’t be killed, and can regenerate at a molecular level. The fight between Goku and Plastic Man would be much like that between Buu and Goku, except Plastic Man is incapable of being destroyed by the likes of Spirit Bomb, regardless of how much energy it possesses. Goku has no means of defeating an opponent that has the capabilities that Plastic Man has. Plastic Man could outlast Goku in any fight, as well as go toe-to-toe with him in terms of strength, which means he could cause physical harm to Goku.

2. Ichigo Kurosaki

Departing from the world of superheroes and delving into the realm of anime, we come across Ichigo from Bleach. He has been shown to be very determined to continue his fight no matter what, much like Goku, but his power level is arguably higher than that of Goku. Ichigo also has his Sangetsu to pull strength, knowledge, tactics, and health from. Goku doesn’t have a secondary power source like this. Ichigo’s Sangetsu allows him to have a, no pun intended, edge over Goku. We have seen Ichigo’s willpower go further than that of Goku’s as well as his power level. Ichigo has literally crippled people by the sheer weight of his power. Also, Goku’s inability to see spirits when living, would make the fight an almost unfair one. Goku could not stand a chance fighting against Ichigo if he couldn’t sense him, and even if he could, he would be defeated.

1. Hulk

Speaking of invulnerability and strength, the Hulk possesses immeasurable amounts of both. He would just simply fight Goku until he either killed him, or Goku’s heart gave out. The Hulk can’t be tired out and he is arguably the strongest being there is. The Hulk cannot be tamed and will literally survive anything. Nothing can kill the Hulk, so even if he couldn’t initially overpower Goku, there is no way Goku could outlast or keep up with the Jade Goliath. The Hulk, however, could overpower Goku and tear him apart.

As much as it pains me to see Goku defeated, I felt like it was necessary to approach a character as powerful as him with opponents worthy of a fight with him. Goku has, and will continue to be, one of my favorite characters. Honestly, this list has made him more interesting to me, knowing that at least in my opinion, there are others out there that could hypothetically defeat him. Please comment and let me know what you think! Am I crazy? Is there someone else that could defeat Goku? Do you think Goku could defeat any of these competitors? Thanks for reading!


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