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So I guess I can kinda see why someone might get mixed up with who's who if they don't really pay attention to what they are seeing, once you look close enough there is a big difference yes suprisingly enough they do look pretty much a like but Clints smoldering look and his Jaw is where you can tell the difference plus he did like his side burns a lot so if you see sideburns you should know who it is but if you don't you just have to find the stronger Jaw line and sorry Scott but your dad clint has the more defined Jaw don't get me wrong Scott has a wonderful Jaw line and smoldering life we are supposed to look at least slightly different slfrom relatives that look the same and that's where you can fineld on who I would pick to go out with sorry but can't I pick both their smoldering looks make me weak at the knees....I got all the guess's right when it came to seeing who's who and I believe I haven't seen either of their movies a lot. Peace and love it was fun to see if I could I'm glad I passed.


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