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If you weren't already previously aware, rumors have been circling the Green Lantern casting for John Stewart for the last few months. However, the topic has been gaining heat just this week after Tyrese hinted at discussion with Warner Bros. through an interview for his new album Black Rose saying:

"There are certain things I can't speak on... I took the oath, and I had a meeting at Warner Bros., and certain things were said and talked about."

He also took to his Instagram this weekend, and posted a picture of both Chris Pine and himself in the signature Lantern Corps roles with the caption, "The Oath has been taken."

Team up for Green Lantern!
Team up for Green Lantern!

Now what does all this mean? Well, rumors have also been circling that DC Cinematic Universe's upcoming Green Lantern film of 2020 would be starring both John Stewart and Hal Jordan. Chris Pine's name has also been attached to many online sources claiming he has nabbed the Lantern role as well. Tyrese has been gunning for this role for quite some time now, and after multiple postings of fan made images of him donning the costume, thousands of fans have shouted their approval. However, there has been a growing number of people who have dismissed him as simply contributing to false rumors and making desperate attempts at getting DC's attention. Another minority voice has gone as far as to claim Tyrese is not the right choice for this role based on his acting ability heavily relying on comedy. This is a quote from a Forbes' article written by "Benjamin Moore" that struck me:

"...if Warner Bros. does cast Tyrese as John Stewart/Green Lantern, I confess I'll be profoundly concerned that they've decided to turn that character into the DCCU's comic relief."

Again, I completely understand why someone would come across a career like Tyrese's and say something like this, but hear me out... Most people have a very limited view of who this man is as an actor based on the sole fact that they are mostly aware of Tyrese because of his role as Roman Pearce in the box office hit franchise, Fast and the Furious.

Ready to make some noise!
Ready to make some noise!

If you rely on the viewing of this character type and assumed acting range present here, you end up limiting yourself. In the year 2001, acclaimed director John Singleton of the cult classics, Shaft, Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, and Boyz N the Hood, made another undoubtable classic by the name of Baby Boy, starring none other than Tyrese Gibson. It was not only a challenging role for the young actor at the time, but also one that pushed him to complex moments of raw emotion and serious range. Now, let's make something very clear, John Singleton is no joke and he is not a director who would pick a joke of an actor to center his project around. Down below are three poignant scenes of the 2001 film that really show off the true, unseen talent in Tyrese Gibson, check 'em out...

With this unsung performance not only does Tyrese represent the calm, cool, and collected John Stewart, but also shows someone who can push boundaries and go beyond the previously set limits in his art. If these Green Lantern rumors end up being true, and Tyrese's wishes come to pass, then I won't have anything more to say than a resounding 'YES.' I hope as many people as possible watch this film before judging the actor from the work that has very little to show of what he can really do as performer. I know the popular thing is to deny his capabilities in carrying a role of this magnitude and importance, but I can see it happening and am gunning for it to.


Is Tyrese Gibson qualified to be The Green Lantern?


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