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Dr. Manhattan. The immortal, all powerful hero of Watchmen. He can destroy you with a wave of his hand. So who can take him down?

The Forgotten One

A member of the Eternals, he has super strength, reflexes, can fly at Mach-1, and shoot cosmic energy out of his hands and eyes. So what makes him able to take down Dr Manhattan? Well, he has full control of all of the atoms in his body, making him unaffected by Dr. Manhattan's ability to take apart his atoms. But all Manhattan has to do is break the Forgotten One's concentration. But that is easier said then done when going up against

The Flash

Super speed. The Flash can run a mile an Ato-Second, making him the fastest man in the history of anything, real or fictional. His part is purely distractional, just running around to keep Manhattan off the heavy hitters. He can run so fast that Manhattan wouldn't be able to hit him, because once he targets the flash he would have already moved. Which gives this next member time to do his thing.

Firestorm, the nuclear man

firestorm, like Dr. Manhattan, can manipulate matter, or change things into other things. So while Manhattan is trying to change The Forgotten One's cosmic energy into steam or the flash into paper, firestorm can do that right back. He could also mess with the matter around Dr. Manhattan, like making steel walls around him, which makes Manhattan take a couple of seconds to bring it down or move around it. Firestorm can't, however, exploit his weakness. This last team member, however, can.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey, an Omega level telepath and sometimes possessed by the Phoenix force. While not able to pack a punch like the others on the team, her telepathy can exploit a weakness in Dr. Manhattan that could win them the battle. See, Dr. Manhattan does have a human side. Jean Grey can get inside Manhattan's head, make him misstep, and make him falter, leading to a victory for his team!

So there's my team, thanks for reading! What do you guys think?


who would win?


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