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As filming for the rebooted [Ghostbusters (2016)](tag:32733) movie gets underway, director Paul Feig has been sharing small snippets of what audiences can expect to see in the film. Firstly Feig shared a photo of himself with a container of slime, and today he's given fans their the first look at the brand new Ghostbusters uniforms AND proton pack!

The new cast of Ghostbusters (source: LA Times)
The new cast of Ghostbusters (source: LA Times)

Unfortunately, we're not yet lucky enough to see the all-female cast of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones wearing the updated uniform, but we are able to see them in their full glory:

These updated threads are obviously quite similar to the original jumpsuits, with the 'no ghost' symbol still on the right shoulder, similar lace-up boots and a set of goggles each (though the new version is more slim-line than what the original Ghostbusters had). The big changes (if you can call them that) seem to be the jumpsuit changing from a light grey color to a slightly darker beige, and also the addition of new horizontal orange stripes running across the chest and sleeves.

The new Vs the old
The new Vs the old

Though initially Feig only posted the jumpsuits, just a few hours ago he gave us what we all wanted and revealed the brand new proton pack in all its glory:

The pack looks a little more slimline than the original ones, and Polygon points out that the particle accelerator and the battery have swapped positions. However while the original proton packs look quite sleek, the new versions seem quite industrial and relatively homemade.

The Ghostbusters uniform and proton pack are as iconic as the series, and fans will be happy that Paul Feig seems have left them relatively untouched for this reboot, after all, it just seems impractical to put the Ghostbusters in anything except a jumpsuit - especially considering how messy ghost busting can sometimes get:

The reboot of Ghostbusters has divided lovers of the original two films, with many firmly of the opinion that it will be poorly executed and leave a dirty mark on the Ghostbusters name.

As risky as a reboot of a beloved series is, it seems as though Paul Feig does have somewhat of a Midas touch when it comes to female-centric comedies: his most recent film Spy (which stars Melissa McCarthy), currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 95%, while his 2011 film Bridesmaids (which starred McCarthy and Kristen Wiig), has a score of 90%. In fact, of the last three movies he's directed, The Heat (another McCarthy comedy) was the lowest scoring with 65%, and interestingly Ghostbusters 2 actually scores even lower than that with a score of 50%.

While any attempt to remake a film from an iconic franchise will be met with its fair share of disdain, the Ghostbusters reboot is happening whether or not fans are ready for it; and given Feig's track record, it certainly seems like it has the potential, much like Jurassic World, to be the summer blockbuster of 2016.

Ghostbusters is due in theaters July 22nd, 2016.

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