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Set to boldly go where they've been twice before, Kirk and his merry band of intergalactic diplomats are gearing up for their next adventure, which now has an officially confirmed title: Star Trek Beyond.

Fast & Furious alumni Justin Lin will be directing this time round, looking to turn the historic franchise into another billion dollar box office notch on his belt. Beyond's summer 2016 release date may still feel like lightyears away, but Lin has provided our first glimpse of the movie, showing off this rather ravishing Starfleet Insignia over Twitter:

While that is some mighty fine patchwork, it doesn't give us all that much to go on. However, it did get me thinking about the evolution of the Starfleet insiginias we've seen stitched onto Federation heroes throughout the years. Here's a brief history...

Early 2270s Insignia

The clean and simple original design featured prominently in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, complete with color coded designs to match each rank. See it in all its glory below:

Late 2270s-2340s Insignia

This old school bronze logo is almost military-esque in its design, bestowing the Star Trek Generations crew with a touch of uniformed class.

2340s-2360s Insignia

Associated with the Star Trek: The Next Generation period, this chic badge of honor is emblematic of the Federation's sleek, minimalist style.

Insignia history lesson over, take a look at a couple more on-set photos posted by the crew:

Zachary Quinto 'Preparing to Emerge'

someone is preparing to emerge.

A photo posted by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

Quinto has come to wholeheartedly embody the role of Spock, and after Leonard Nimoy's tragic passing, he's got quite a legacy to live up to.

Zoe Saldana Kicking Back

Uhura takes a load off in her trailer in-between shooting. Even intergalactic heroes need a bit of downtime.

So, we have our first image of the iconic insignia, and an officially confirmed title! Now, we wait...

Star Trek Beyond is due in theaters July 8, 2016.

[Source: Twitter]


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