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Fifty Shades of Grey has always been a divisive novel, and now E.L. James knows that better than ever after being thrown to the piranhas of an incredibly misguided Twitter Q&A.

If you thought Ana's buttocks were sore after a night of Christian Grey's bruising backhands, take a thought for E.L. James' ego right now because it must be battered black and blue.

Scroll on through to see how the event unfolded in one of the most witty and cutting hours of Twitter history:

What E.L. James probably thought would happen...

When E.L. James' unfathomably naive and optimistic publicist suggested the Twitter Q&A (a.k.a an absolute free for all), the Fifty Shades author was probably expecting nice inane questions like the ones she answered below:

Along with this cheeky little erotic overshare...

You like hearing about the kinky stuff, right?
You like hearing about the kinky stuff, right?

Unfortunately for E.L. James the Q&A did not go as planned and it only took a few minutes for people to start giving the erotic novel a beating that even Christian Grey would see as a bit much.

While plenty of people had serious things to say about how they believe the novel perpetuates rape culture and glamorizes abusive relationships, a lot of the comments were stabs at E.L. James' often eccentric use of the English language and her relationship to Twilight author, Stephanie Meyer.

Below is a selection of some of the most political, catty and just down right hilarious virtual rocks that were hurled at James throughout the Q&A.

The Serious Questions

The Literati

Yes, I know some of it hurts to read
Yes, I know some of it hurts to read

The Masters of Logic

The Sickest of Burns

Spanking has nothing on these painful burns
Spanking has nothing on these painful burns

But at the end of the day, Guardian writer Dean Burnett summed it up best when it comes to this PR stunt that went horribly wrong when he said:

It's a tough lesson to learn, but let's all spare a moment for the poor PR team who are probably still doing this right now:


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