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With the first season of The Flash now having drawn to a close, it's perhaps not overly surprising that thoughts have begun to turn to what we'll see on screen come the show's Fall return. After all, the series didn't just rapidly acquire the kind of ratings CW execs kill for - it also quickly ascended to the very top of many comic-book fans' must-watch lists.

Add in a whole heap of twists and turns towards the end of the show's freshman year, and a finale that left things wide open (and very much up in the air) for its second season, and you have a recipe for a whole lot of anticipation.

Especially since Grant 'The Flash' Gustin himself just revealed that:

A New Big Bad Will Be Arriving "Kind of Immediately"

And no, it isn't thousands of bees.
And no, it isn't thousands of bees.

That's right - speaking at the 41st Annual Saturn Awards, Gustin revealed that, in the new season:

"[We'll be]...introducing a really cool 'Big Bad' that's going to be revealed kind of immediately."

Which, seeing as Dr. Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash proved such a memorable opponent for our hero(es) in season 1, is probably a good thing - it's likely wise to introduce a new central villain as early as possible, so we all have time to get used to them before any pining for Wells' arch-villainy kicks in.

The big question, though?

Who'll That New 'Big Bad' Be?

Sadly, probably not him...
Sadly, probably not him...

Well, there are a whole heap of candidates out there - as Moviepilot's own Joey M Isnain has explored at length - including a whole lot of villains we've already seen in the show.

My three favorite possibilities, though?

Gorilla Grodd

After all, Grodd has more than enough reason to hold a grudge against The Flash after their last encounter, and enough comic-book history with the hero to provide inspiration for a season-long role as a villain. Could he be too 'out-there' a villain for such a central gig, though?

Alternatively, then, could we see:

Killer Frost

Who, of course, is already in the show - or, rather, her comic-book alter-ego, Caitlin Snow, is...

Could we, then, see Caitlin - or even a future version of the character - become a major, season-spanning villain in the near future?

It's not as though we haven't already seen a glimpse of the possibility, after all:

My personal favorite, though?

A Cunningly Disguised Villain (Who We Don't Expect)

One of the great pleasures of the first season of The Flash was trying to work out just who the heck Dr Harrison Wells was - twice over - and it'd be great to see some of that mystery return in the second season.

What I'm hoping for, then? A villain with a generic, non-DC-canon name - who can then turn out to be...someone.

After all, slowly finding out is half the fun...

What do you reckon, though?



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