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The Rock is pretty good at handling his own personal brand via Instagram. He's always doing some real stuff that fans can enjoy. He seems like a genuine guy, and a hard working one at that. His muscles alone make it clear that this guy works his ass off.

He also wants to share and geek out about things that happen in his life; for example, in this case, he gladly shared another awesome Instagram story that featured none other than Steven Spielberg.

Here's what Dwayne had to say to Esquire about a special "wow, I made it" moment that came courtesy of Spielberg.

“About three weeks ago, I’m here at the house and I get a letter—‘Been enjoying your movies over the years. Very entertaining. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know you over the years, most recently after watching you host Saturday Night Live. Great job. You continue to go for it. Proud of your work and look forward to meeting you. Steven Spielberg. It took me back to being just like a kid. I was so blown away.”

Here's the official Rock Instagram's account of it.

Here's what the Rock had to say to Esquire about his unique and resilient journey to the top:

“I never quite understood why if you’re successful in something, and then you want to make the transition to Hollywood, why wouldn’t you apply the same discipline and processes that you did with wrestling and football? Which meant: surround myself with great acting coaches; definitely get a good director; I need great actors around me to help me raise my game; I don’t know what the f–k I’m doing. I need great acting coaches, I need good directors, I need help. I have been told I have potential. I think I do. Let’s give it a go.”

The Rock is in San Andreas now, but you can also catch him in the surprisingly awesome HBO hit show Ballers on Sunday nights.

(Via: Entertainment Weekly)


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