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With Elena out of the picture, Vampire Diaries fans have been eagerly awaiting the focus point for Season 7, and it seems like we finally have our answer in the form of Stefan and Caroline.

According to series producer Caroline Dries, there is till a lot to explore with Stefan and Caroline's relationship and it looks like they might be a focal point for the upcoming season, she explained:

We always thought it was more natural for Caroline to deal with the grief she's feeling and not think that her relationship with Stefan is just a Band-Aid to cover up these tragic feelings she's been enduring. She wants to come at it from a cleaner place
Will Stefan and Caroline be a main focus
Will Stefan and Caroline be a main focus

Along with exploring the developing relationship between Caroline and Stefan, Julie Plec hinted that Caroline might become the main character this season, she told interviewers that:

At the end of the pilot, she [Caroline] says, 'Why doesn't anybody ever pick me?'" You realize, here's a girl who's trying so hard to matter and she's over trying, she's overcompensating. What you've done in a TV series is you've set up a girl, that by the end of her run as a character, she will be the one that gets picked first

Personally, I think this a good direction for The Vampire Diaries to run in. I know Damon is a huge fan favorite to be the focal point, but after the loss of Elena, his life will just be too complicated and wrought with heartbreak to bring in the romances that are the heart of the CW show.

(Source: Christian Times via IB Times and TV Line)


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