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Following the upsetting break-up between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, many fans thought they might get back together. At the very least, it seemed that the pair would remain civil and friendly while filming The Vampire Diaries, but Dobrev's recent departure from the show has cast a microscope on the former couple.

In response to the accusations that the two had personal problems on set, Dobrev was quick to confirm that their relationship remained strong. She told E! Online:

I've said this before, that we didn't break up because anything bad happened or because there wasn't love or friendship. I love him and the friendship is still strong and I think he's great and I care about him. And that didn't change. Yes, we're professional and that's fine. We were friends long before we dated and we still are now.

Despite these proclamations, rumors of ill will have flared up again after Somerhalder unfollowed Dobrev on Twitter. Now, according to some gossip sites, word on the street is that Somerhalder's new wife Nikki Reed was a direct influence on this decision.

Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev on Twitter
Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev on Twitter

Meanwhile, Dobrev is allegedly loving life with actor Austin Stowell, so I doubt losing one Twitter follower is devastating her. In any event, these rumors are rampant, but it's totally possible there's no truth to them. We'll just have to wait for another interview for them to clear the air.


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