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On the off chance you needed even more of a reason to love Terminator's Arnold Schwarzenegger, he recently gave fans something worth cheering about after taking a stand in his Facebook comments section. Although he wasn't the most socially liberal politician initially, the former governor of California's position has turned strongly in favor of same-sex marriage in the last few years.

After the Supreme Court's ruling declaring it illegal for states to ban same-sex marriage, Schwarzenegger - like many of us - changed his profile picture to one overlaid with the rainbow pride colors.

As will always be the case with people in the public eye, Schwarzenegger's post was met with someone who didn't share his pro-gay marriage stance.

Instead of just letting the comment sit and likely fall into a pit of social media nothingness, Schwarzenegger decided to reply in the best way possible. Check out the exchange below:

In case you aren't able to read the slightly blurry image, here's a better look at the comment and Arnold's harsh shutdown:

The comment looks to have been deleted since, but that doesn't detract from how great it was to see a celebrity standing up for what they believe in.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's newest movie, Terminator Genisys will reach theaters starting July 1.

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