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Do you love crafting and tattoos? Well good news inked up crafters, Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk has perfected the art of mashing up of the two with her beautiful cross-stitch tats!

Eva often inks pieces that are pop culture related, and aside from her cross-stitch style she also tattoos in a variety of styles which can be seen over here on her website or Instagram account.

Take a look at a selection of Eva's best work:

Kross-stitched Kermit

#kermit #crosstitchpattern #kanaviçe #etamin #evakrbdk #geometrictattoo

A photo posted by Eva (@evakrbdk) on

it's not easy being green, but it looks a little cooler in this cross-stitched fashion.

Stitching up Captain America

İyileşmiş haller... #captainamerica #crossstitch #kanaviçe #crossstitchpattern #etamin

A photo posted by Eva (@evakrbdk) on

There's a lot of Captain America and Avengers tattoos out there, but this one has a real (needle) point of difference.

A proper stitch up

A cute little fox, a beautiful rose and a Storm Trooper?! One of these things is not like the others...

May the force be with you

Storm Troopers are obviously a popular choice, and given the unique take on this iconic character, there's no surprise why!

Trunk stitch

This adorable elephant is such a cute and novel ideal for a tattoo.

Going cross-eyed

This TV tattoo blends both styles of traditional tattooing and the cross-stitch style perfectly!

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