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When I was a kid learning about Medieval England, I always wished to be a knight rather than a princess. I envisioned myself on my noble steed, a black stallion more specifically, brandishing a sword Godric Gryffindor would be envious of.

Artist William Selby has taken my knight daydream a step further by creating this stunning Batman cowl, which he claims took three days and 720 scales to make. A Batman Knight sounds a thousand times cooler.

Check out this ravishing protective helmet below. You're going to wish Selby created a full-on Batman armor suit to match it.

So Much Justice

Batman of Steel

Bruce Wayne Who?

Robin Is Going to be So Jealous

I have no artistic ability when it comes to crafts, and Mr. Selby has just blown my mind with this remarkable cowl. Just when you thought Batman couldn't be any more magnificent, Selby shocks us all.

Now I'm just waiting for some full-bodied armor to complete this powerful look.

[Source: Geek Tyrant]


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