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Stephen Adamson

One of the coolest stop-motion animations I've ever seen, and certainly one of the best that involved Batman has emerged from YouTuber counter656, who put together an awesome fight scene with a (surprise) awesome finish. I felt everything when I watched this - a climax, a shift in control over the fight, and the eventual outcome which I'll let you check out for yourself! It's too good to spoil!

I mean this is truly unreal

That knife maneuver by the Joker couldn't have been easy to make happen

I'm sincerely jealous of people who are this artistic

And a little help from Marvel... Cap to save the day!

This is absolutely incredible. The fluidity of the stop-motion and the actual tension is a lot of fun, adding in the engaging storyline and you've just made a miniature sized mega hit. Whenever Captain America stops a rocket launcher missile with his shield, I'm on board.

(Via: YouTube)


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