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Imagine it. The most powerful force in the known universe is not a god, or an omnipotent being, but instead something much more terrifying. The end of time, and more importantly the universe itself. How is this possible you ask? It's something to do with the Prime Earth, the space-time continuum or some other wibbly wobbly timey wimey... stuff. Not important right now! What is important is that it needs to be stopped before our way of life as we know it is gone forever.

However, it can't be stopped alone which is why I have already taken the liberty of building a team of experts. Now I know what you must be thinking, how is this ragtag group of people going to possibly go up against the odds and stop an extinction level event the likes of the world has never before witnessed? Well... trust me when I say they've done the impossible before and survived. It's all in a days work for them, and they're willing to do it again, one last time... or at least when anything like this happens again.

I present to you the following profiles:

Time is no issue for the Scarlet Speedster
Time is no issue for the Scarlet Speedster


Barry Allen is the fastest man alive and the embodiment of the Speed Force itself. He has spent much of his time not only putting away the bad guys, but experimenting with his powers, testing himself and pushing his speed to the limits. If anyone knows anything about travelling through time it's the Flash, and we could sorely use his firsthand experience.

Given that he is also a highly regarded (forensic) scientist, it should come as no surprise that he is very intelligent which when faced with the unknown is a welcoming factor. Combined with his speed, he is able to perceive time differently than we do. As we speak he has been crunching the numbers, going through numerous equations and theories trying to figure out the origin of this disaster in hopes that we might be better prepared to stop it.

He merged the timelines back to one
He merged the timelines back to one

The Flash is also probably the only one who can physically make the trip and maybe stop the end of time. He's bent the rules before in DC Comics’ 'Crisis On Infinite Earths'. If worse comes to worse, he'll make the necessary sacrifice. Godspeed Barry Allen. Godspeed

Parallel Lex Luthor
Parallel Lex Luthor


I know what you're thinking, but sir/madam we don't have much of a choice; he's a necessary evil. The end of time effects all worlds in all universes, which includes him, so he has every reason to help out. I'd still keep an eye on him though.

Alexander Joseph Luthor might be a super-villain, but he's also a billionaire industrialist and more significantly, his world's foremost genius. In 'Crisis on Two Earths' Luthor not only proved that the concept of parallel worlds was true, but also built a device that allows the user to travel between all the possible worlds. His knowledge and determination is 'unparalleled' and between himself and the Flash (despite their differences) they should be able to come up with a working theory and plan of action to proceed with soon. He might even be able to do something with that device of his for a start.

I am Iron Man
I am Iron Man


Anthony Edward Stark is a genius billionaire with an extreme understanding of technology that is beyond anyone in his field and makes him a prime candidate for the team. He might be a loose cannon most of the time, but when he's focussed he's at his best, and something tells me that the end of the world will push him in the right direction.

It's all good having ideas and planning our next move, but if we're unable to make that move then we're lost. Not only can Stark contribute to the party with his superior intellect, but he can also turn any concept or given idea that the team has into a technological reality. You want a flying toaster that can act as a TV remote and tweet your favourite moments from the show? He can absolutely do that, but rather than a 'consultant' to S.H.I.E.L.D. I think it's better that we keep him behind the scenes as the 'enabler' of our plans. It's better for everyone.

He can retrofit Luthor's device and make it compatible with his newly upgraded space armour that can make the jump through the space-time continuum and counter the anomaly. J.A.R.V.I.S. says it's still in the prototype stage but here's hoping it'll be ready soon.

Past, Present & Future
Past, Present & Future


Of course I chose him. Who else would I choose? Sure there are a lot of time travellers floating around the universe, but we weren't going to solve the problem from one angle. That being said, we had to have at least one leading space-time expert, and what other person better suited to the task than a Timelord... *clears throat* sorry 'THE' Timelord.

The mad man with the blue box actually invited himself to this, and I'm glad he did - he's the only one crazy enough to actually go through with something like this. Besides, imagine the Doctor in Iron Man's retrofitted space armour. The space-time anomaly ain't got nothing on 'The Iron Doctor'. *coughs* It's a working title... I'll get back to you on that.

The Doctor has changed time, well... time and time again. At this moment a fixed point in time means nothing to him. He's saved Gallifrey, met his former selves, averted death on numerous occasions and a whole host of other things. This should be no different. There's not much time left but if there's one shot at this, I'd put my faith in this man.

The team is ready and everything is in place sir/madam. Here goes nothing and thank you for letting me set up this amazing team. Now then, Geronimo, Alonzy and all that...


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