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I have no spoilers or even wild click-bait theories (annoying as those are) just taking a moment to share my opinion of what would of made a better ending to one of my favorite parts of the "Age of Ultron" movie.

Let me start this off by pointing out I am a Hulk fan so I may be slightly biased. I know for popularity reasons and what not, "Tony Stark" had to win so to speak but I think this way would've been a bit better...

Right after the building comes down on them and Hulk pops his head and sees the destruction he has caused and assuming those 2 things snap him out of Scarlet Witches spell this how I would've liked to see it play out...

Hulk climbs out of the rubble pulling a what looks to be a beaten Hulkbuster from the wreckage by his arm when he notices all the damage he has wrought.

At this moment the scene cuts to Stark and his view from inside his suit where everything blinks back to life as it gets rebooted.

Stark mummurs something more witty than I myself can come up with at the moment to the effects of "I'm not done yet" and the scene than pans out to take them both in and you see a gas emanating quietly from the suit unbeknownst to Hulk.

Hulk sniffs once or twice, wrinkles his nose before taking a huge deep breath quickly followed up by a Hulk sized sneeze. Then follow it up either falling asleep or with the Stark sucker punch.

This would've afforded the Hulk fans with the pleasure of knowing that the "Strongest one there is!!!" Is not gonna lose a fight of brute force (this did bother me) while still letting Stark "win" and all the while ending the scene on a lighter note.

This is my first post and I hope some of you out there in social media land enjoy it:)


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