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Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally unveiled in a more concrete manner at this year's E3 conference - wasn't it just beautiful?! The demonstration of new fighting mechanics, new Disney worlds appearing and a general transformation for the art design was enough to keep us going before the release date announcement. Fans have been overwhelmingly positive about what was on display at E3, but of course, there's certain things Kingdom Hearts fans would like to see changed.

Well, not so much changed as absent. Here are the Disney worlds and characters that KH fans feel have had too much focus in the Kingdom Hearts series. Either these guys have their worlds completely transformed or take one for the team and bow out on the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Will These Disney Characters & Worlds Be Absent?

Now, bare in mind that this ins't indicative of the entire Kingdom Hearts community - merely those who've been active on the likes of Reddit and articles about the Disney characters and worlds of Kingdom Hearts. If you disagree with their opinions, or concur, please let us know in the comments below!

Alice in Wonderland

The Alice in Wonderland sections in previous games have come under a great deal of fire from the Kingdom Hearts community. They're overdone and very similar in each reiteration. If Alice in Wonderland appears in Kingdom Herts 3, fans are going to want a serious re-working of both the world and the situations the characters appear in. Do you agree with this choice? Alice in Wonderland is a very strange Disney film....

Alice in Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts
Alice in Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts

Atlantica from The Little Mermaid

Atlantica is one of those areas that sounds like a great idea, but in reality is unbearably frustrating. I thought it was so cool in Kingdom Hearts when we first went under the sea, only to be met with unbearably frustrating controls. A great deal of fans didn't sea (wink) any improvements on the world's return in Kingdom Hearts 2, either. If it arrives again, I really think that Square Enix could have invested more time into an area of much more worth for Disney fans.


Yet another area that frustrated me in the original Kingdom Hearts, was the insides of Monstro the whale. Characters from Pinocchio are often used in Kingdom Hearts too, most notably Jiminy Cricket. However, a lot of fans have asked that they pay no attention to this world or its characters for the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm indifferent when it comes to Pinocchio though - I guess it just frightened me too much as a child...

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Who Would You Like to See on the Release Date of Kingdom Hearts 3?

All other mentions of characters and worlds that should be ignored for Kingdom Hearts 3 were less frequently mentioned than these three. But what do you guys think? Are there some characters and worlds you feel Square Enix has overused? Is there one character you've always longed to see? Be sure to let us know how excited you are for the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 in the comments below!


Which of these Disney Worlds do you dislike the most?


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