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Sometimes, the waiting is the hardest part.

Sure, it's not easy to actually physically do something, or even to psychologically prepare yourself to do it in the first place, but in some circumstances - and especially when it comes to one of the most eagerly-anticipated movies of all time - it's the sitting around waiting that'll really get ya'.

After all, Captain America: Civil War is still - still - almost a year away from hitting theaters, and that...well, that's just way too long.

It's perhaps not all that surprising, though, that in the face of such a long wait, the slightest possibility of seeing a trailer for the film can fill us with a giant, all-consuming bubble of enthusiasm.

Like, for instance, this new 'leaked' trailer for the movie:

Which, sure, is clearly fan-made (the appearance of having been surreptitiously filmed at a screening being the new 'in' thing, as it turns out), but it's still actually super awesome.

After all, we may still be a whole lot of months away from actually seeing any official footage from the movie - crucially, it's still being filmed - and a blurry glimpse of previously seen footage cobbled together into a coherent whole is still better than nothing.

And, of course, two such videos are inevitably better than just one:

I mean, sure - they're not quite 100% convincing - but there's some seriously good stuff in there.

Plus, one of these days? One of em'll turn out to be real...

Or, y'know, it'll hurry up and be next May already...

What do you reckon, though?

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