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The weird notion you get from assessing continuations of decades-old movie franchises is idea that "hey... maybe this is just it now". We've all grown used to late sequels and continuations being considered additions to an untouchable canon, but what if this is only the beginning? This is exactly what we got with Jurassic World. Who's to say there won't be a Jurassic World 2, and 3, and 4 and so on? We remember the original as the core idea that modern movies try to replicate, but what if our children remember it as that weird early stage before they hit their stride?

This is a phase that Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 could respectively be moving into. Fans can point to how good the originals are all day, but 20th Century Fox, Ridley Scott and Neill Blomkamp seem determined to push these franchises as far as they will go. How about we just refuse to fight it, and decide to go wherever these stories take us, as it will likely save a lot of stress in the long term. Here are a few of the storylines we would love to see in Alien 5 and Prometheus 2!

Alien 5: Weyland Yutani HQ

I wanna see how this looks!
I wanna see how this looks!

This is something that's been kicked around since Neill Blomkamp first showcased his ambitious concept art. Seeing Ripley and Hicks infiltrate the HQ of the company that has pervaded over the entire series would be a thrill for Alien fans. I just hope Blomkamp doesn't exert himself in explaining the rationality of an organization as ridiculous as Weyland Yutani. Have the place abandoned, or have them completely unprepared for what's in store. If we're to see a 500 year old Guy Pearce who's trained xenomorphs to run alongside his motorbike, we will riot.

Prometheus 2: Engineer home world

I'm of two minds for seeing the home world of the engineers from Prometheus, and neither of them involve finding out why they made us or why they want to destroy us or any of the confused concepts Damon Lindelof spitballed. I'm genuinely curious to see what Shaw thinks she will get out of this expedition into the cosmos armed only with Michael Fassbender's head. Personally, I would like to see everything go very very wrong for Shaw, as a character really shouldn't be rewarded with a happy ending for pulling the space equivalent of car jacking someone and driving right up to their scary family's front door.

Alien 5: Earth

Alien 5 could be set to be the first Alien film to take place predominantly on Earth. The only glimpses of our home planet we got in the series was at the end of Alien Resurrection, with Earth either being the wastes of Paris, or a happy panorama depending on which cut you check out. Blomkamp likely isn't a fan of Resurrection given that he's ruthlessly retconning it and Alien 3. How he chooses to depict Earth, we'll have to wait and see. I would like to see Earth mid downfall, which, given movies like District 9 and Chappie, Blomkamp would be able to do perfectly.

Prometheus 2: LV-426

Still spooky after all these years.
Still spooky after all these years.

I take cinematic depictions of this moon with a pinch of salt, for it's not the most aesthetically pleasing setting in the universe. The decision over whether to shoot it boils down to a question of "are you Ridley Scott in 1979?" Still, I will take any depiction over seeing the celestial disappointment LV-223 again. If Ridley Scott were to put his pride aside for Prometheus 2, and really follow through with explaining how that space jockey got on LV-426 with a cargo full of face-huggers, I would look upon it favorably.

Alien 5: Ripley lost in space

The idea that Ripley absolutely must be attached to every Alien project always seems a little tiresome. That said, I've no problem with Sigourney Weaver returning once more, so long as the hallmarks of the Alien movies are still adhered to. It's much like the fan approach to [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445), with audiences happy with Tom Hardy so long as it still feels like Mad Max. Alien 5 should follow suit, and not give Ripley a cushy happy ending that would have to be disrupted for any sequels. Ripley's character is defined by never truly escaping the Alien, and to end Alien 5 with her lost in space once more would be a smart move.

Prometheus 2: A crew of androids

Ten more of this guy please!
Ten more of this guy please!

This is another rumor that's been buzzing around speculation surrounding Prometheus 2. The idea of having multiple androids (whether they all be played by Michael Fassbender or not) would be a completely new direction to take this series. The androids are often the most interesting part of an Alien movies. There hasn't been a single one I haven't liked (yes even Winona Ryder), and having a group of artificial people going on their own mission would be fascinating!

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What features of Alien 5 or Prometheus 2 are you most excited for?


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