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The Despicable Me movie started like any other kids movie with a catchy soundtrack, a nice plot (which, if you haven't seen it, is about a villain named Gru who adopts three adorable girls in order to help out with his plan to steal the moon), great color and quality and, I'm not going to lie, it's got a good sense of humor.

The characters are very peculiar too, especially those little oval shaped minions that help Gru test his weapons and traps. Or, as my 6 year old brother likes to call them, "the yellow guys."

We met them at the beginning of the first movie, it was all fun and games, right? The kids were hyped about them, grown ups called them silly, teens chuckled a bit at them. We never thought much of them, they were no big deal.


All the merchandise, all the advertisement, everything was minion themed. It was as if none of the other characters existed! The main characters are so different yet so relatable and they deserve so much more attention, more than what the minions got at least.

The minions were everywhere: clothes, happy meals, youghurts, juice boxes, shoes, bus stops, buses. Everything, you name it.

I thought that was it after a while. I thought the madness was over.

Once again, nope.

The company started coming up with different apps and online games and viral videos of the minions singing made up songs and even covers! They were back, and they weren't leaving soon.

Once again, social media overwhelmed its users with advertisements and short clips starring these well-known minions. A different clip for every different occasion: Christmas, thanksgiving, summer, 4th of July. All with catchy yet wordless songs.

I started noticing that the minions not only had the attention of young children, there were also targeting grown adults. My aunt, for instance, had a minion themed party for her 50th birthday. Glorious.

It was then when I realized that the minion revolution had started.

They'll be back this summer in their new movie "Minions" because, apparently, they didn't get enough attention before. The movie will be out July 10th and the advertisements on the streets and commercials on TV won't let you forget.

What had started as a children's movie has quickly become a revolution. The minions are getting out of control and we must stay strong.


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